What is Members' Exclusive content?

The Members’ Exclusive content section of gwsgiants.com.au is where we reserve stories, videos, photo galleries and exclusive content for GIANTS members.

Who can access Members' Exclusive content?

Anyone with a GIANTS membership can access this content – all categories and levels can gain access.

How often will new content be added?

Adhoc – sometimes we’ll have weekly content for you and sometimes it’ll be 2-3 weeks. Pending on whether we’re in season or in off-season, or if we have home games or away games may depend on how much content we are pushing to the site.

Will I be notified when new content is available?

Sometimes. When we update the page we’ll send out an email to members, but sometimes we’ll put things on the website for you without including it in an email too.

How do I log in to the access?

Just use your GIANTS membership login details.

What if I don't know my details?

Head to the GIANTS membership portal, and attempt to log in with your email address and password that you use for your membership. If you can’t remember the password – hit the ‘forgot password’ option and reset it there.