Diploma in Business

Pathway to Sport Management

To succeed in the world of Sport Management, individuals must possess both the knowledge and know-how to create opportunities for professional advancement and the development of original and exciting initiatives. Turn your passions for sport into a career by studying a Diploma in Business (Pathway to Sport Management) at the #1 uni in the world*. The College at Western Sydney University offers a program that aims to harness students energy and passion for sport by focussing on career and the future of professional sporting enterprises.


Contextualised to a sport management career, students in this course also have the opportunity to broaden their career prospects through a range of sport oriented electives and spend regular time at GIANTS HQ. Here, participants will hear from sporting professionals and learn about the behind-the-scenes operations of a professional sporting organisation. With the ability undertake practical, work-ready experiences, students will have the opportunity to gain a foot in the door to the competitive sporting industry, or pursue further study.


Students who successfully complete the Diploma in Business will articulate into the Bachelor of Business (Sport Management) at Western Sydney University with up to one year (80 credit points) equivalent of advanced standing.

Qualification for this award requires the successful completion of 110 credit points of study.


*Times Higher Education Impact Rankings 2022 & 2023