Well there's a big big sound
From the West of the town
It's the sound of the mighty GIANTS

You feel the ground a-shaking
The other teams are quaking
In their boots before the GIANTS

We take the longest strides
And the highest leap
We're stronger than the rest

We're the Greater Western Sydney GIANTS
We're the biggest and the best

And we will never surrender
We'll fight until the end
We're greater than the rest







The GIANTS team song was written by Harry James Angus a jazz singer-songwriter who is part of the highly successful Melbourne SKA band The Cat Empire. An accomplished trumpet player, Angus - who is just a passing football fan - wrote the song after a friend suggested he make a submission. After being heard by members of the GIANTS' board in early 2012, Angus was invited to the club to work with coach Kevin Sheedy and the inaugural playing squad to finesse the lyrics. The now infamous 'Never Surrender' line was added during these collaborative sessions and the song has since become an important part of the club's culture, while the 'Never Surrender' ethos is now embedded in the fabric of the club.