A super sized Footy Phil to re-cap the move back to Melbourne, taking it up to a top team and the ins and outs of concussion from someone going through it.

0:00: Welcome to the Footy Phil

  • Checking in on Phil after his concussion
  • Fun Facts of the Week

7:45: From the West of the town

  • Recovering from a terrible start
  • What positives do you take from taking it up to a top team?
  • Injuries v opportunities 
  • James Peatling’s debut

18:33: Around the Grounds

  • Hard to watch football when you’re moving states …
  • Footy without fans, yay or nay?
  • The coaching handover - can you ever really know how successful a coach is without being on the inside?

28:00: Phil Me In - Concussion

  • Phil’s concussion like no other he’s experienced
  • What’s involved in a concussion test?
  • “It’s purely scary”
  • A Jacob Hopper update
  • The process from here for Phil and Jacob

42:39: The Final Countdown

  • A very special mutual Tip of the Week - Footy Banners, a Complete Run Through
  • Teammates of the Week: The Staff