The Swans have claimed the first points of the day in the opening round of the new-look VFL competition, winning by 26 points at Tramways Oval outside the SCG.

GIANTS development coach Luke Kelly said the GIANTS lost the game in crucial moments.

“They were really good for the first 10 minutes but we wrestled it back to be even at quarter time and get it on our terms,” he said.

“We let ourselves down in the second and didn’t get GIANTS footy going at the contest which put pressure on all the other areas. 

“I was really pleased with response in third term, we were able to get the game on our terms for the majority of the second half but unfortunately we just let ourselves down in crucial moments.”

5 Tanner Bruhn

24 touches, 2 goals, 3 tackles

“He was really consistent for four quarters playing on the inside and fought the fight all day.”

9 Ryan Angwin

14 disposals, 2 tackles

“He’s taking positive steps with his wing role and had some really good moments.”

10 Jacob Wehr

9 disposals, 3 marks

“When we were getting ourselves back into it, he was a big driver of that. He defended well and bit by bit his offence is starting to get going.”

12 Josh Green

20 disposals, 2 tackles

“Josh was really strong for us inside. He corrected the ship in the third quarter with his contested footy, brought others into it and had some big defensive moments.”

23 Jesse Hogan

13 disposals, 3 goals, 8 marks

“He fought the fight all day. The delivery wasn’t great at times but he gave us an aerial contest all day and didn’t drop his work rate.”

24 Josh Fahey

8 disposals, 3 tackles

“Josh had to play in multiple positions which really helped us and he’ll take a lot of learnings out of that.”

28 Zach Sproule

15 disposals, 10 marks, 3 goals

“He consistently worked hard throughout the game which resulted in reward on the scoreboard in the second half when we were able to use him.”

29 Cameron Fleeton

2 disposals

“Cam started really well but unfortunately was concussed after a heavy hit in the second quarter and played no further part in the game.”

30 Matt Flynn

9 disposals, 25 hit-outs

“Flynny had some really good patches where he was able to have an influence in terms of his follow up and his ability to support defensively.”

32 Kieren Briggs

9 disposals, 22 hit-outs

“In the third term his ruck work helped us get back on top. He also showed glimpses forward in terms of his competitiveness.”

33 James Peatling

16 disposals, 8 tackles

“Another who fluctuated with our contested ball. He lifted us in the third term and when we sent him down back he gave us great drive.”

34 Nick Shipley

21 disposals, 6 tackles

“He just brought contest and work-rate all day. He was consistent across the four quarters and had a strong game.”

35 Will Shaw

7 disposals

“He got to good spots a lot of the day but it was a tough day for a high half forward and we just couldn’t use him enough.”

36 Billy Clark

12 disposals, 3 marks, 3 tackles

“He was outstanding down back. He defends first and as the game wore on he was able to win his one on one contests and come off and help. He built confidence across the game with ball in hand.”

37 Liam Ross

5 disposals, 5 tackles

“It was his second game for us and he’s looking more comfortable at the level. He consistently rocks up at the contest and there’ll be plenty of good footy from him to come.”

38 Rhys Pollock

14 disposals, 7 marks

“He fought hard all day and never dropped his work-rate. He continued to present until the end and we weren’t able to utilise him well enough.”

39 Matt McGrory

7 disposals, 2 marks

“He’s getting better and better down back and competed strongly for the whole 120 minutes.”

40 Fraser Kelly

9 disposals, 4 marks, 1 goal

“He’s a young guy who never dropped his work-rate. He was able to put his strengths to use on the wing and be a real connector for us.”

42 Jake Stein

13 disposals, 8 marks, 4 tackles

“Jake was strong down back when we were under the pump. He continues to stand strong and guide the other guys as an experienced leader down back.”

44 Alex Smout

20 disposals, 3 marks

“He worked consistently across the four quarters and will continue to add more impact with the ball going forward.”

46 Callum Brown

9 disposals, 5 marks, 4 tackles

“He defended well for the majority of the day. A bit like our team, there were a couple of opportunities where it didn’t go right.”

50 Sam Frost

13 disposals, 5 tackles

“He competes for 120 minutes and won some really big balls for us and beat his man in crucial times.”

The GIANTS take on Footscray VFL at Blacktown International Sportspark next Thursday night in round two.