Harry Perryman remains within striking distance of the lead in the Carey-Bunton Medal. 

With just five games to go in the regular season, Perryman sits in equal third position after being awarded two votes during Sunday’s game.

The new award will be presented to the best New South Wales player in the competition as based on the AFL Coaches votes.

Perryman, from Collingullie in the Riverina, sits behind Gold Coast co-captain Jarrod Witts (31) and Geelong forward Tom Hawkins (27).

The versatile GIANT is currently tied with Dane Rampe but has the chance to go ahead of the Swan’s co-captain who’ll miss the rest of the year due to a hand injury.

Jacob Hopper, Zac Williams, Jeremy Finlayson and Harry Himmelberg have all featured in the votes earlier this season and remain back in the pack.


1 Jarrod Witts (GCC) 31

2 Tom Hawkins (GEEL) 27

3 Dane Rampe (SYD) 20

3 Harry Perryman (GWS) 20 (R 13 2 votes v WCE)

5 Isaac Heeney (SYD) 19

6 Jacob Hopper (GWS) 11

7 Callum Mills (SYD) 10

8 Isaac Smith (HAW) 9

9 Derek Eggmolesse-Smith (RICH) 8 

Dougal Howard (ST K) 8 

11 Zac Williams (GWS) 5

12 Jacob Townsend (ESS) 4

12 Matthew Kennedy (CARL) 4

14 Luke Breust (HAW) 3

14 Jeremy Finlayson (GWS) 3

16 Michael Gibbons (CARL) 3 (R13 1 vote v GC)

17 Todd Marshall (PA)

17 Harry Himmelberg (GWS) 2

17 Nick Blakey (SYD) 2

17 Charlie Spargo (MEL) 2