The GIANTS and Swans’ non-playing players have faced off in a makeshift practice match just hours after touching down in Brisbane.

Originally slated to play at Tramway Oval in Sydney on Friday, the two clubs hastily convened a replacement match at South Pine Sports Complex in Brisbane once the teams were told they had to relocate.

The clubs played 15-a-side with the GIANTS rotating two players through the Swans' side across the three 20-minute terms.

GIANTS Development Coach Luke Kelly said while it wasn’t the prettiest of matches, it was valuable game time for the club’s developing players.

“It was a very different lead in given the disruptive nature of this week so it was great to see all the boys from both sides running around today,” he said.

“It is super important to get a game in wherever we can. It probably wasn’t one for the football purists but there were highlights nonetheless.”

Former skipper Callan Ward (knee) and running defender Adam Kennedy (hamstring) both played the full match in their first game back from respective injuries.

Luke Kelly on the GIANTS’ Players

Callan Ward

“It was a good return by Wardy in a bit of a different role for him across half-back. He did a great job in his rehab to just miss two weeks and he’ll be better for this run.”

Jackson Hately

“It was another solid performance from Jacko and while he’s customarily come into the AFL side on the wing, he continues to show his inside mid capabilities at this level. He’s continuing to push for a return to the AFL.”

Tommy Sheridan

“Tommy returned from a couple of weeks out with a solid performance on the wing. It’s always harder for him with a smaller field size and just one wing but it was good to get game time into him.”

Tom Green

“Tom continues in his development and really brings his strengths every week. He continues to work on the parts of his game he needs to which will hold him in really good stead for a return to the AFL.”

Tom Hutchesson

“It was another strong performance from Hutchy in his second game back from injury. He was lively around the ball when it went forward and will likely push his case for AFL level in the next couple of weeks.”

Jake Riccardi

“Jake continues to get better and better in that key forward role. He continues to grow his game as part of our program and will put some selection pressure on at AFL level."

Zach Sproule

“Zach missed last week a bit sore so he was good again first-up after a break. He had some time in Swans colours and did some nice things for us when he was back with us.”

Matt Flynn

“It was a strong performance from Flynny, he’s well and truly back in the swing of footy after his knee. He got some more ruck time and will be pushing for AFL selection very soon.”

Kieren Briggs

“He also got some more ruck time with the layout of the game and at times got to go up against Flynn which was great. He continues to build on his game and his follow up around the ground was excellent.”

Xavier O’Halloran

“X probably exemplified the game for us. He was a little scrappy early but really worked his way into it and had a really important impact on the game later on.”

Nick Shipley

“Shippers is continuing to develop in a new role across half-back and to work on his defensive skills. He started well for the Swans when he was in their colours and then continued on with that form for us.”

Bobby Hill

“We love it when the ball is in Bobby’s hands. He was creative and continues to work on his consistency and defensive game. He laid some really good tackles late in the game.”

Connor Idun

“Big C was probably our best player and he competed really hard. His defensive game has been really strong and today he added to his ability to intercept and give us some drive from the backline.”

Adam Kennedy

“Kenners returned off a long layoff and it was great to have him back on the field. He got better and better as the game went on and showed us the run and carry he’s known for.”

Jake Stein

“A really solid performance from Steiny. He gives us a good contest in the air and consistently defends well.”

Jack Buckley

“Bucks continues to show us what we know are his strengths - his run, work rate and hardness in tackles. He’s also continuing to add to his kicking game to push for a spot at AFL level.”

Callum Brown

“Cal started very well for the Swans, setting up their first goal. He took the game on - as we know he does - and had some really strong defensive plays late that sealed the game for us.”