As we look ahead to the GIANTS’ Round 4 AFL Premiership Season clash against Collingwood this Friday 26 June, we are pleased to confirm that we have approval to again welcome a limited number of patrons to GIANTS Stadium for this game.

As was the case with the GIANTS’ Round 2 game against the Kangaroos, we are only permitted to host members at this game in function areas in accordance with the NSW Government’s regulations. We are hopeful the number of members permitted to GIANTS Stadium will significantly increase for our Round 5 game against Hawthorn but for this Friday’s game against Collingwood only a small number of attendees will be permitted.

In terms of which members will be provided the opportunity to attend Friday’s Round 4 game against Collingwood, we are extending this opportunity to those members who have actively pledged to Never Surrender and have committed 100% of their membership to the club. We will be broadening this opportunity to all members in due course, as the number of patrons allowed to attend GIANTS home games increases in the coming weeks and months. If you attended the GIANTS’ Round 2 game against North Melbourne, you won’t be eligible to attend this week’s Round 4 game.

Those members eligible for this Friday’s game will be required to register for the chance to access these limited tickets which are available as part of our Surprise and Delight campaign. 

Beyond this Friday’s match against Collingwood, we are pleased to confirm the club is working with the NSW Government to significantly increase the number of members permitted to attend GIANTS Stadium for the club’s Round 5 clash with Hawthorn on Sunday 5 July. In accordance with the forthcoming regulation changes foreshadowed recently by the NSW Government we are hopeful 25% of the total capacity of GIANTS Stadium – or approximately 5,700 patrons - will be permitted to attend the Round 5 match against Hawthorn.

In anticipation of this being the case, we are finalising the ballot process for this game and will share this with all 2020 GIANTS members in the coming days. All members, regardless of what member option you have selected in recent weeks (other than the option of refund or ASF donation) will be eligible to participate in this ballot. We anticipate members will be able to register eligible family members to sit next to you within the seating bowl for this game. We are hopeful that in the coming weeks and months all members will be able to attend a game across the 2020 season, although this is obviously subject to NSW Government regulations.

 We will provide confirmation of the process relating to Round 5 access and share further information as soon as possible this week.