The GIANTS are proud to support marriage equality in the ACT.
Australia's first legally recognised same-sex weddings took place in the nation’s capital over the weekend. 
The ACT's same-sex marriage law came into effect on December 7 with the High Court due to rule on the validity of the ACT legislation this Thursday.
Forty-six couples registered in order to wed last weekend with the first ceremony beginning just after midnight on December 7.
The team behind the brand CBR campaign created a “rainbow version” of the Canberra logo which received a phenomenal response on social media.

The GIANTS’ tweet supporting marriage equality received over 70 retweets and 40 favourites while GIANTS co-captain Phil Davis also shared his support on social media.

ACT Deputy Chief Minister and Sports Minister Andrew Barr said he was proud to represent a Territory committed to marriage equality.

“All loving, committed relationships between two consenting adults should be legally recognised, treated equally and be celebrated,” Barr said.
“Legislative change alone does not change a society but to quote Macklemore: “A certificate on paper isn't gonna solve it all … But it's a damn good place to start.”

“It marks another important step in our journey to become the most LGBTI friendly city in Australia.”
Barr also said the ACT Government is determined to stamp-out homophobia on the sporting field.
“I congratulate the AFL, the GIANTS and the AFL Players’ Association on their strong stand against homophobia in football,” he said.
“I hope other sports, particularly the other football codes, will step-up their efforts and follow the AFL’s lead to ensure gay players are not discriminated against.”