Name: Christina Bernardi

Nickname: Benno

Tell us about where you grew up:
I grew up in Whittlesea in Victoria.

How did you get into football and where, and when was your first game?
In 2012 my uni friends invited me down to Diamond Creek and I never left!

What’s your favourite football memory?
I have a few: beating Darebin in the 2017 preliminary final, the first AFLW game versus Carlton with sell-out crowd and playing in Alice Springs in 2018.

What were you doing on NAB AFLW Draft day?
I was teaching, so my class and I watched it.

Who’s your favourite player to watch?
Chelsea Randall, Eddie Betts

You’re on a dessert island, what are the three items that you’d take with you?
Food, camera, music

What’s your favourite flavour of shapes?

Vegemite: yes or no, and if yes, how much do you use?
Yes, I eat it by itself

What’s a hidden talent that you have?
Surprisingly good at puzzles

Do you have any pets?

What other sports do you play or enjoy watching?
Basketball and surfing

Describe your perfect holiday?
Anywhere that has an adventure and no time constraints

Favourite TV show?

What song can you not help but sing when it comes on the radio?
Numb Encore