The GIANTS are keeping tight-lipped about who they will choose with pick No.2 in Wednesday night's NAB AFL Draft.

However, National Recruiting Manager Adrian Caruso told's NAB AFL Draft Countdown show that the GIANTS would have no hesitation in bidding on father-son guns Nick Daicos and Sam Darcy if they rated them high enough.

With North Melbourne confirming it would select South Australian Jason Horne-Francis with the first selection, Caruso said the GIANTS were "pretty close" to finalising their choice.

He said they were down to four players, without confirming who.

"You always have an idea of who you think might be the one and it's not until you finish doing everything that you can say you're settled," he said.

Caruso said the GIANTS would not "play games" with father-son bids on Daicos and Darcy.

"We don't make arbitrary bids, we've never done it, but bidding is part of the draft," he said.

"Bidding on a player and knowing you're not going to get them and then getting the next best player is part of the draft. Everyone's been in that boat.

"If we think Darcy or Daicos fit above the player we're going to draft, then we'll bid. We don't play games."

Caruso said he expected the GIANTS to use pick No.13 rather than trading it.

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Adrian Caruso on NAB AFL Draft Countdown

GIANTS' national recruiting manager Adrian Caruso give up the latest info ahead of the 2021 NAB AFL Draft.

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