The AFL Appeals Board today imposed a six-match suspension on Toby Greene after the AFL Tribunal initially imposed a three-match sanction for Intentional Umpire Contact during the GIANTS’ Elimination Final against the Swans in August.  

The AFL appealed the initial three-match suspension, leading to today’s Appeals Board hearing. 

GIANTS General Manager of Football Jason McCartney said:

“As we said at the time, as a club we maintain that umpires are sacrosanct. We understand the important role they play in our game and they are to be respected at all times.

“Toby apologised for his actions. He is remorseful for the incident that occurred and understands the responsibility he has to umpires specifically, and the game more broadly.

“We accept the suspension and consider the matter finalised.”

Greene will miss the first five matches of the 2022 season after serving one match of the suspension when he missed the GIANTS' semi-final against Geelong.