A new episode of The Footy Phil is here with special guest Adam Kennedy who shares his taco hack, theory on renting two houses at the same time and why he messed with last week’s Rehab Report … oh and we chatted some footy too.

0:00: Welcome to the Footy Phil

  • All of the fun facts
  • Meeting Alba Jacobs
  • How does Kenners get home …
  • The sad story of the round: Adam Tomlinson and Kiera Austin

9:34: From the West of the town

  • A complete performance
  • A good weekend all round - the VFL result
  • Jake Riccardi shows us playing defence is easy
  • The heartwarming story of Jesse Hogan

17:50: Around the Grounds

  • Thursday night team selection - yay or nay?
  • Judging 15m in the air
  • The Suns’ success at the ‘G

27:32: Phil Me In

  • A campaign begins …

32:18: The Final Countdown

  • Tip of the Week - A new couch project, where to (not) sit on the plane, how to eat tacos
  • Best on Ground - Adam Kennedy v Braydon Preuss in the rehab stakes and Kenners’ theory on living in two separate houses at the same time