Name: Tim Taranto

Nickname: Strunks  

As a kid, what did you want to be: NBA player  

Team followed as a kid: Dees  

Best player played with: Dyl Buckley 

Most admired opponent: Oliver Florent  

All-time favourite player: Tommy Sheridan  

First player you would choose in Fantasy football: Zach Sproule  

If you could ask someone to be your mentor, who would it be: Harry Perryman  

Preferred timeslot for the Grand Final: Day 

Who would you like to see as the half-time entertainment: Kendrick Lamar 

Favourite AFLW player: Alicia Eva  

If you weren’t a footballer, what would you like to be: Teacher  

A talent you wish you had: Singing  

What makes you laugh: Zach Sproule’s head  

Describe yourself in one word: Happy  

What did you learn about yourself during COVID lockdowns: I like doing stuff  

Biggest thing you missed during hub life: Family and friends  

Most enjoyable thing about hub life: Weather on the Gold Coast 

Least enjoyable thing about hub life: Four-day breaks  

Biggest pest during hub life: Xavier O’Halloran   

Funniest teammate during hub life: Harry Himmelberg  

First place you want to visit after travel restrictions are lifted: US 

Favourite sporting event you would like to attend: NBA, NFL or MLB 

Last TV series you binged on: Shameless  

Three famous people you would like to meet: Lebron James, Michael Jordan, Matthew McConaughey  

Favourite team or sportsperson outside of football: Derrick Rose  

What is the best sporting event you have seen: Clippers v Lakers opening night  

If you won $10 million, what would you buy first: Ticket to US 

Something people would be surprised to learn about you: I’m better at basketball than footy  

Best subject at school: PE 

What was your first car: Jeep Patriot  

Usual coffee order: Latte  

Dream place you would like to live: LA or Miami  

Life after football: Live in the US