The GIANTS have pipped the Hawks in a 70-minute hit-out at Tom Wills Oval on Saturday.

The match was played in drizzling rain with 16-a-side across four quarters.

After three practice matches against the Swans since the competition re-start, Development Coach Luke Kelly relished taking on a new opponent.

“The Hawks are a quality outfit and we know how strong their program is down there,” Kelly said.

“It was great to be able to test ourselves against a really highly respected club and program.

“The boys enjoyed a different challenge and a different look and I thought both teams competed in the right spirit and it was a really good, solid hit-out for both of us."

Player Summaries by Luke Kelly

Jye Caldwell

“He probably can’t be going much better. He continues to perform week-in and week-out and his consistency is there now. Whenever the opportunity comes, he’s AFL ready.”

Sam Jacobs

“We’ve got Jacobs, Flynn and Briggs all vying for that ruck spot at the moment and they’re all taking their turns. He’s another one who is there and ready to go when called upon. He was really strong in the air for us and ran the game out well.”

Tommy Sheridan

“Tommy came back and his experience and ability to perform that role for us out on the wing, whether it’s AFL level or NEAFL level, you get the exact same kind of application and execution from him. He was really strong today.”

Tim Taranto

“It was great to have Tim back. It was a great hit-out for him against quality opposition on the inside. As the game went on, he just got better and better.”

Zac Langdon

“He continues to play inside for us again and was really strong. He was clean today, we know how strong he is with his tackling and he continues to add to his ball use and execution for us so another really strong performance.”

Matt Buntine

“He was really good today. You know what you get with him but you can’t take it for granted. He continues to go back with the flight, he continues to provide leadership and drive for the young backs around him but also he takes care of his own game. He tackled unbelievably well and was really strong and added to our ball use at times.”

Jake Riccardi

“Jake continues on in his development as a key forward. He came up against a really strong defensive unit in the Hawks. He had to take his opportunities when got them which was good. He just continues to add steps on his journey which is good.”

Zach Sproule

“Sprouley was really good. We know what we get with his work rate, his ability to get up the ground and then get back in and provide an option. He was really clean for us today, he went back for a little bit and competed really hard. He was really crucial for us at certain stages.”

Matt Flynn

“In his second game back off his ACL, he just continues to get better. He got a bit more ruck time in the second half and continues to show us his ability to fight in the air but his ability to follow up at ground level was a highlight.”

Kieren Briggs

“He continues to get stronger and stronger every week. He plays a fair chunk forward at the moment but when he goes into the ruck he really jumps at it and his follow up was just as good. He also provided a really strong contest for us forward of the ball.”

Nick Shipley

“Really good from Shippers. He continues to add to his ball use and his execution and offensive drive. He keeps adding to those defensive efforts we know he’s building his game on.”

Bobby Hill

“Bobby was really good today. His pressure, which is what he wants to be known for, was on show with repeat efforts. He’s only adding to his running by getting up and getting back in. Another strong performance from Bobby.”

Connor Idun

“Really good from Connor. He was able to take different opponents, tall or small, and was really strong in the air. Defensively he was outstanding and him and Stein worked really well together and held us strong down back.”

Jake Stein

“In the same mould as Idun, he’s just getting better and better every week. He’s getting back to the Steiny we know. He’s a fierce competitor in the air and was able to be really clean at ground level for us. He’s starting to add the ball movement we know he's capable of.”

Jack Buckley

“We throw him around in a variety of roles at the moment and everywhere he goes he steps up to the challenge. His fundamentals of work rate, cleanliness and being strong in the air are holding up across the board. We couldn’t be happier with how he’s going.”

Callum Brown

“He’s in his second game back now and getting better and better as every minute goes on. His ability to attack the ball and read it in the air was outstanding. He continues to learn and grow in his knowledge of certain specifics of the game defensively and offensively. In terms of sheer attack on the footy and use, he was great.”