Imagine spending a week waiting to find out if your round seven match against Geelong would go ahead. And then to find out on Wednesday night that you’re actually playing a final, and now it’s against the Demons.

There’s been plenty of focus on whether round one of the AFL would get underway this weekend.

But spare a thought for those part-way through the AFLW season who were preparing to play in round seven of their season before everything came to a grinding halt earlier this week.

They didn’t know when, where or how they could play games this weekend - if they were going ahead at all.

Briana Harvey is the club’s Head of Academies and AFLW and has played the waiting game more than anyone this week.

Leaving the office on Wednesday afternoon, when any number of scenarios were still on the cards, she joked: "Someone let me know if you find out where we’re playing this week, I reckon I can get them anywhere in the country in 12 hours".

“It’s been a completely normal week,” she joked.

“It’s been a bit surreal and the beginning part of the week was pretty normal but the girls have been super understanding and all the staff have been brilliant.

“We’ve got a pretty adaptable group here.”

Then, the decision was made - the GIANTS would play in the AFLW finals for the first time ever and host the Demons at GIANTS Stadium on Saturday afternoon. 

“It’s great and the girls really deserve it,’’ Harvey said.

“Footy does pale a bit in its significance compared to a lot of things happening in the world right now, but we’re so excited to get out there and give it our best shot.’

So from preparing to face Geelong to preparing to take on the 'Dees, how have preparations changed now it’s Thursday and two days out from the game? 

“I’m not sure how much sleep Al McConnell has had but he’s put a mountain of work into the Demons since it was announced," Harvey said.

“At one point we thought we could be playing in Perth, so not having to arrange away travel has made today a lot more bearable.”

Like all good footy clubs, there’s been plenty of light moments too.

Jess Dal Pos has tried to bring back the phrase, “It’s lit” this week and it’s not working for her. Cora Staunton’s been reminded of her post-match celebrations where she showed more emotion than we’ve seen in the last three years (which is still almost no emotion). And the music was blaring at GIANTS Stadium for Thursday’s training.

It was already set to be an interesting weekend for the club with games played behind closed doors, but now it’s an historic one for our AFLW team.

“We just can’t wait to go out there and represent our GIANTS family and we know we have the entire staff, players and Orange Army behind us.”