Inaugural GIANTS AFL Women's captain Amanda Farrugia speaks to award-winning journalist and GIANTS recruiter Emma Quayle in the latest episode of 'The Leaders'.

The inspiring captain talks openly about her own self-doubts about her footballing ability and what it was like to be voted the GIANTS' captain ahead of their inaugural AFLW season.

The full-time physical education teacher speaks about how she sought the guidance of Alan McConnell during the first season and how he has influenced her leadership style.


Podcast Summary

2:30 – How Amanda got involved in playing football

6:40 – Being chosen as the first captain of the GIANTS

8:20 – How her teaching backgrounds helps her as a leader in a sporting environment

11:15 – The early doubts Amanda had about her footballing ability

12:20 – The importance of juggling commitments in the AFLW landscape and driving standards in this environment

15:20 – The role of a leader in helping new teammates to buy-in to the program for the greater good of the group

19:30 – Amanda’s ability to compartmentalise her day to switch off from football and give full attention to her students in the classroom

22:40 – Seeking out her future coach Alan McConnell as someone to bounce things off during the tough early days of the AFLW program

23:30 – The influence Alan McConnell has had on the playing group in the last two years

25:40 – Who she sees as the future of the football club

30:30 – Seeing herself and the club as the underdog 

32:00 – How Amanda sees the future of the AFLW program