Name: Nick Haynes

Nickname: Hayna, Train

Grand Final – day, twilight or night: Twilight

Bounce – yes or no: Yes

Best set shot at your club: Tim Mohr 

Most underrated AFL player:

My coach often says “She’s on.”

Best advice you’ve received: 

Greatest footy moment before the AFL: Under 18’s flag. 

Favourite AFLW player: Courtney Gum

Least-preferred teammate on road trips and why: Zach Sproule, he talks garbage. 

Funniest teammate: Zach Sproule

Which teammates pick themselves in AFL Fantasy: Josh Kelly 

If you could enter a teammate for My Kitchen Rules, who would it be and why: Adam Kennedy, he wouldn’t know what to do.

Team barracked for as a kid: St Kilda

Most inspiring movie:  

Best concert attended: Swedish House Mafia

Instagram or Twitter: Instagram

Favourite café: Hunter Works, Balmain 

And what do you order: Maple Bacon 

Hidden talent: Cooking 

Guilty pleasure: Geordie Shore

Your passions or interests outside footy: Music, golf, surf, travel

Life motto: Perception’s reality.

Do you have any pets: English Staffy (Lenny) 

Favourite cartoon or movie character: Peter Pan

Favourite holiday spot: WA Coast