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Tim Taranto Grabs Bull by the Horns

Tim Taranto performs his goal celebration 'The Bull' for the first time.
My dad went to the University of Texas and he is a big supporter of them and so is a lot of my family over there.
Tim Taranto on his goal celebration 'The Bull'

GIANTS midfielder Tim Taranto has caught the attention of many over the past month in more ways than one.

The 21-year-old, who plays his 50th game this Sunday against North Melbourne, has been in fine form, but it’s his unique celebration that’s caught the eye of many commentators.

Taranto had used the celebration at GIANTS training but debuted it in-game during the GIANTS’ round seven win over the Saints in Canberra after kicking a goal.

“Two of my best mates from Melbourne came up and stayed with me a few weeks ago and they’ve been on me to get a celebration,” Taranto told The Footy Phil Podcast. 

“I said ‘alright, once you think of one let me know’ and they just thought of ‘The Bull’; the Texas Longhorns. 

“My dad went to the University of Texas and he is a big supporter of them and so is a lot of my family over there.

“I thought it was fitting, pretty fitting.”


GIANTS fans have been getting used to seeing ‘The Bull’ celebration from Taranto, with the former number two pick having his best season to-date, averaging 32.5 disposals per game over the past month of football.

To date, Taranto is averaging nearly 10 more disposals this season compared to last. 

“I’m just really big on always trying to get better, every week I try and improve myself and I guess having more opportunity this year in the midfield,” he said. 

“I’m working really well with the other boys in there and I’ve got really good connection. I’m really enjoying it.”

Taranto’s dominant run has conveniently coincided with Callan Ward’s absence from the side.

The young midfielder credited his captain’s input with helping him lift to a new level in 2019.

“Wardy has been super, even being on the sidelines this year it’s been great to have him,” he said.

“We all know how much of a good leader he is and how inspirational he is, so I’ve taken a lot from him.”

In the latest episode of The Footy Phil, Taranto also talked about his many tattoos and if he preffers being called Tim or Timmy amongst other things.