For Adam Kingsley, pride in the GIANTS' ability to stand tall late in the game was the overarching feeling as they snapped a three-game losing streak.

"A gutsy win from our guys, I thought we showed great character," Kingsley said.


Several players were handed important tasks for the match, including defender Connor Idun working to shut down star forward Jeremy Cameron, and Xavier O'Halloran given a similar role on Tom Stewart at the other end of the ground.

"I thought Connor was absolutely fantastic… he wasn't glued to his opponent so much that 'I'm just shutting him down', he looked to help his teammates, he played a real team role," Kingsley said.

"(Stewart's) the cream of the crop in terms of their players, and I thought 'X' (O'Halloran) really restricted his influence and then able to hit the scoreboard himself."

But it was a Toby Greene goal and a Leek Aleer mark that solidified the win in the end, despite Kingsley's concerns that they would be overrun.

"For probably 10 or 15 minutes of that last quarter I thought we'd get overrun," he admitted.

"Of course, Toby is the one who stands up and delivers not just a goal but, you know, an inside-out banana kick from 40 metres out. It was just incredible."

The GIANTS now head into the bye with a 7-4 record, but a growing injury list after Stephen Coniglio was subbed out in the second quarter with a shoulder concern, and Harry Perryman came off late with a "slight hamstring".

They join the likes of Josh Kelly, Lachie Ash, and Jack Buckley who are all nursing calf injuries.

"I would say our injury list is a little too long. We lost a few last week, we lost a couple tonight… some of them are contact, some of them soft tissue. You'd like to be able to manage the soft tissues, you can't really do a lot about the contact ones," Kingsley said.