Name: Ian Hill 

Nickname: Bobby 

Any pre-game superstitions or routines: Right sock and boot always go on first 

Greatest individual effort you have seen on the footy field: Kieren Briggs' tackle in the U18s 

Best rule in footy and why: Half-time because you get a break 

How many games of footy do you watch each weekend: As much as I can 

Your favourite TV football show and why: Marngrook because it’s good to watch 

Favourite commentator and why: BT because he’s funny 

Favourite meal the night before a game: Spaghetti bolognese 

Which teammate should appear on the next series of The Bachelor: Tommy Sheridan 

Teammate most likely to succeed after football and why: Tommy Sheridan with Rixx 

Which teammate belts out your club theme song with the most gusto: Jackson Hately 

Favourite Netflix series: You 

Apple Music or Spotify: Apple Music 

Do you play Fortnite: No  

Favourite animal and why: Lion

Your favourite possession: A goal 

Best gift you have received: iPhone 

If you won Tattslotto, what is the first thing you would buy: A lot of cars  

Your favourite holiday destination: LA  

The most famous person you have met: Harry Himmelberg 

The most famous person you would like to meet: LeBron James  

Dream job if you weren’t a footballer: NBA player 

Dream place to live in the world: Anywhere Jackson Hately isn’t 

What is the one talent you wish you had: Sing