Name: Matt Flynn 

Nickname: Gerald, Diablo, Pinna, Dibbles  

As a kid, what did you want to be: Physio 

Team followed as a kid: Bombers 

Best player played with: Callan Ward, he’s a star 

Callan Ward played alongside Matt Flynn in his debut in Round 1, 2021.

All-time favourite player: Matthew Lloyd 

Preferred timeslot for the Grand Final: Twilight 

Who would you like to see as the half-time entertainment: Dom Dolla 

Favourite AFLW player: Alicia Eva  

If you weren’t a footballer, what would you like to be: Harry Perryman’s personal masseuse  

A talent you wish you had: Kicking drop punts  

What makes you laugh: Zach Sproule 

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Kia Debutant: Matt Flynn Calls His Parents

His dad's crying, he's crying, we're crying and you're definitely going to cry. A beautiful moment, six years in the making.

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Describe yourself in one word: Tall 

What did you learn about yourself during COVID lockdowns: Uni isn’t my thing  

Most enjoyable thing about hub life: All meals cooked for 

First place you want to visit after travel restrictions are lifted: USA 

Favourite sporting event you would like to attend: NBA playoffs  

Last TV series you binged on: Lupin 

Three famous people you would like to meet: LeBron James, Conor McGregor, The Rock  

Favourite team or sportsperson outside of football: LeBron James 

What is the best sporting event you have seen: AFL Grand Final, 2010 

If you won $10 million, what would you buy first: Leon a new house  

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Kia Debutant Announcement: Tanner Bruhn and Matt Flynn

The moment Coach Leon Cameron tells Tanner Bruhn and Matt Flynn that they will be playing in Round One on Sunday, thanks to Kia.

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What was your first car: Holden Commodore  

Usual coffee order: Almond latte  

Dream place you would like to live: Cal Wards house  

Life after football: Retired AFL player