The AFL has introduced the first-ever AFLW indigenous round.

The 2021 AFLW Indigenous Round acknowledges and highlights the contribution of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to Australian Football and our country.

The GIANTS made the decision earlier this year to proudly wear their inaugural AFLW Indigenous jumper for all away games this season.

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GIANTS midfielder Alyce Parker said it’s honour to wear the unique jumper.

“For me I guess it’s something that we’ve been waiting to happen and it’s so special that it has,” she said.

“It’s a pretty impressive jumper, so to run out wearing it is pretty cool and it comes with so much meaning and we’re all so proud to be wearing it.”

The GIANTS are one of a number of clubs who wear their indigenous jumper on more than just the dedicated weekend of the Indigenous Round.

“I think it goes to show the support we have for the Indigenous culture,” Parker said. 

“They’re a really important part of the Australian history and a population that we have a lot of care for and we love to support in any way we can.”

New GIANT Erin Todd spends her time away from the game working as the Women’s Player Development Manager for Cricket New South Wales. 

Throughout the past 12 months Todd has helped Australian and Sydney Sixers Cricketer Ashleigh Gardner create the Ashleigh Gardner Foundation.

The Ashleigh Gardner Foundation’s vision is to empower the Aboriginal Community through sport, education and the arts.

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Todd is a passionate supporter of not only Ash’s but the themes surrounding Indigenous round.

“I think the most important thing is that we celebrate everybody, all the time,” she said.

“Our Indigenous people are a very important part of our history and culture, and I’m a strong ally of that.

“Most importantly I’m a supporter of Ash’s and if she’s passionate about something, I want to support her in that.”

Gardner put her off-field talents to the test and painted some incredibly detailed and special boots for Todd to wear this weekend, should she be selected.

Describing the boots one at a time, Gardner said: 

“The first boot is more GIANTS related. 

“The main circle represents the GIANTS home ground and the U shapes represent the people around it, whether it’s the teammates or the support staff.

“All the different lines coming off the main circle and the footprints throughout represent the different paths everyone has taken to get to the one spot. 

“It also features Todd’s playing number (#25) and ‘AGF’, representing the Ashleigh Gardner Foundation.

“The other boot features more of a personal touch. 

“It symbolises her and her two kids. Then the path leading from Basketball into footy and then the path with what she does with our cricket team and the people around that she’s helping; and then that path continuing to whatever she chooses to do next.”

Todd said she was stoked by the way to boots turned out. 

“Being the first Indigenous Round for the AFLW, it’s a really special round,” she said. 

“And sitting on the board of Ash’s foundation makes me really want to not just showcase the foundation itself, but also the culture.

“Getting Ash to paint these boots has been really cool. They’ve obviously come up really well and I’m super stoked to wear them, so hopefully I can run out this weekend in them.”

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AFLW: Cricket Star Teams Up with GIANTS for Indigenous Round

The GIANTS celebrate the inaugural AFLW Indigenous Round, hear from Alyce Parker, Erin Todd and cricket superstar Ashleigh Gardner who painted some special boots for Toddy.

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