Never Surrender. Our club’s mantra and now a published book.

Georgina Hibberd is an avid AFLW fan, member and now published author.

After watching the GIANTS’ first-ever home AFLW match at Blacktown, Hibberd quickly became invested in the club and in particular the women’s program.

At the end of that first game, that resulted in a draw, she clapped her hands high above her head and didn’t know whether to smile or cry – it was at that moment that she knew the GIANTS were the team for her and orange and charcoal would be in her blood.

Hibberd quickly signed up as a member and has supported the club ever since.

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In November 2019, Hibberd approached the club to became a permanent fixture within the women’s program and write a book of what it’s actually like to be part of the GIANTS’ AFLW program.

She attended almost every training session, team meetings, travelled to away games and had the full support and access from the players and staff.

The way the season and the way the book played out was not quite what she had imagined.

The book titled ‘Never Surrender’ is raw and uncompromising. It’s not just the story of the GIANTS but is an unflinching look at the reality for women playing Aussie Rules football at the highest level.

Georgina Hibberd will be at the GIANTS’ round three match at Blacktown International Sportspark this Saturday to sell copies of her book, Never Surrender.

Alternatively, you can also order the book online.

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