Kevin Sheedy is needed by football,

like the night needs its stars.

You see him shining brightly,

even from afar.


He is the voice of western Sydney,

he is the town crier of our wonderful game.

He is a true Australian hero,

and the AFL honours his name.


For Australian Rules Football,

would very much be the less,

If it wasn't for Kevin Sheedy,

who always gives his best.


He is a visionary with a sense of humour, 

who always makes us smile, 

whenever he's interviewed in the media,

in his Sheedy kind of style.


He always has time for everybody,

and will always be around,

for anyone who needs him,

when the chips are really down.


It's an honour that he coaches our Giants,

it's a privilege to have him here

he is an inspiration to our boys,

and we can loudly cheer:


That Kevin Sheedy is one of ours,

that he is a Giant through and through,

and we love you Kevin Sheedy,

for we know you will always be true.


Seb Dell'Orefice