While things are a bit unusual, and up in the air, GIANTS Media will take you inside the club to find out what’s happening every day Inside the GIANTS.

GIANTS Welfare and Player Development Manager Dylan Addison would usually spend his Friday organising tickets and catching up with players’ families ahead of an important game of footy. 

Instead, on this Friday, he’s jump-starting cars and helping a player rescue a phone stuck in a lift well. 

We’ll get back to that.

Addison’s role has changed a lot over the course of this week as conditions for Saturday’s match against Geelong have continued to evolve. 

Tom Green’s mum Mel was over the moon when she found out on Wednesday that her son would be making his AFL debut. 

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Kia Power to Surprise: Tom Green

The moment Canberra kid Tom Green is told he will make his debut in Round 1 versus the Cats at GIANTS Stadium.

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There might have been a few tears, too, when she, her husband Richard and their three other sons realised they wouldn’t be there to watch in person. 

But then, Addison got to deliver some exciting news on Thursday night as word filtered through from the AFL that families of debutants would now be allowed in Stadiums. 

“I rang Mel last night and she was absolutely over the moon and in hysterics so that was pretty amazing,” Addison said.

Outside of his day-to-day tasks, Friday sees the NEAFL and AFL teams do their Captains Runs at Tom Wills Oval.

“Everyone’s up and about today, it’s a pretty normal Friday,” he said. 

Heath Shaw has taken over the duty of running the Captains Run from the departed Adam Tomlinson, while the NEAFL program will look a little different this year. 

Eagle-eyed GIANTS fans would have seen Addison, who retired from AFL football in 2015 after 93 games, run around in the NEAFL on more than a couple of occasions over the years when numbers were tight.

With the NEAFL competition on hold, the GIANTS and Swans will play practice matches against each other to keep those not playing at senior level ready for an AFL call-up. 

On Saturday, the GIANTS and Swans will face off for the first of what will likely be many times this season, playing 16-a-side as no outside players are allowed to top-up the lists. 

With a relatively fit list, Addison won’t be required on this occasion for the GIANTS.

“It will be an interesting one going forward in terms of how that looks,” Addison said. 

“If we’re playing the Swans every weekend it will be a huge battle for a lot of guys at that level, coming up against the same opponent every week for potentially 17 weeks. 

“That’s one we’ll have to manage but realistically, it’s the lay of the land for this year and it’s a unique challenge.” 

Now, back to Addison’s other tasks. 

It’s been a great week for Tom Green, but his fellow housemates Jake Riccardi and Lachie Ash haven’t fared so well.

Riccardi was in luck that Addison had some jumper leads handy when he discovered his car had a flat battery.

At 20, Riccardi’s a little older than the usual draftee, but he still needed Addison’s help to get going again. 

Luckily, he’s back moving. And the phone? 

Riding the lift in his Breakfast Point apartment block, Ash dropped his phone - straight down the gap in the lift to the bottom of the lift well. 

There’s been string, blu tack and many other utensils deployed but the phone remains stuck at the bottom (unless they want to fork out the fee to stop the lift, and spoiler alert: 18-year-old draftees don’t want to pay that).

So Jake’s back driving, Ash’s phone remains stuck, Dyl is continuing to solve problems and we’ll keep you updated on everything else that’s happening Inside the GIANTS next week.