Tommy Sheridan has taken out the GIANTS’ two-kilometre time trial as the clubs’ senior players returned for pre-season training on Monday.

The 26-year-old crossed the line ahead of Tim Taranto and Josh Kelly just three days after being re-drafted in the 2019 NAB AFL Rookie Draft.

It’s the third time Sheridan has claimed line honours, having finished fastest in the November 2018 and January 2019 runs. 

“I was actually pretty relaxed today, being my ninth year, I’m pretty used to these time trials,” Sheridan said.

“I got the chocolates, but it was more of a ‘ticking the box’, letting the coach know you’re ready to go and my skinnys (skinfolds) were all good so I’m ready to go.”

“That’s three from three. Adam Tomlinson had me last year, but he pinged a calf on the home straight, so I went past him.” 

Sheridan is looking forward to what 2020 can bring for him and the GIANTS.

The hard-running outside midfielder had a limited impact in his first season at the GIANTS due to injury, despite making his GIANTS debut in round three.

“I’m excited. Last year was shocking for me personally but fantastic for the club so I’m just looking to get through pre-season and then look forward to playing some games,”

“It’s only early so I guess the old cliché applies: one training session at a time.

“That is what it is like though for the next couple of months; it’s a bit of a slog.”

The popular clubman spent some time in the United States over the break alongside Tim Taranto and Harry Himmelberg, who both ran impressively in the time trial.

Despite seeing a few of his teammates during the break, the highlight for Sheridan was getting to see his teammates all in the one place.

“It was only a small session; it was just great to see the group again,” he said. 

“I haven’t seen the whole group since we broke up.

“It was great to see everyone’s faces again, staff, coaches and players. I haven’t seen so many people in months.” 

Sheridan is glad to be back at the GIANTS after being re-drafted at pick 28 of the Rookie Draft. 

However, he does have a bone to pick with the club’s list management team.

“I got promised that I was getting picked up so I knew I was getting picked up,” Sheridan said. 

“It was funny, Steiny (Jake Stein), Sprouley (Zach Sproule) and I had a game where whoever went first in the Rookie Draft gets free brekky from the other two.

“So yeah, I’ll be having a word to Jason McCartney and the recruiting team as I’m not happy: coming second has cost me a breakfast.”