Toby 'Snooze' Bedford, a proud Bunuba man, drops in ahead of Sir Doug Nicholls Round.

What's On:

0:00: Introduction – Tom and Jacob touch on the loss to Essendon, why Arsenal will win the EPL this week and how to deal with bad form. 

12:16: Toby Bedford – Toby Bedford recalls his early years living in Fitzroy Crossing, learning more about his Indigenous heritage and why he's excited to play in Sir Doug Nicholls Round.

31:44: Tom's (Jacob's) Trending Topic – Jacob responds to Paul Roos' comments regarding the GIANTS social media. 

44:46: ASMR – ASMR is back by popular demand. 

47:06: Song of the week – What are Tom and Jacob listening to at the moment?

50:57: Questions – What do you do if you're looking for love? Tom and Jacob probably aren't the right people to answer that question. 

58:27: Weekly Poem – Everyone's favourite segment, Jacob rounds out the episode with the weekly poem.