Star GIANT Cora Staunton has added another achievement to her lengthy sporting CV, winning a 22nd senior title with home club Carnacon last weekend.

Trailing by one-point at half-time, Carnacon dominated the second half to beat Moy Davitts 2-16 to 0-11 in the Mayo ladies senior club championship final.

Staunton, 38, was her side’s leading scorer, contributing 0-11 to the win.

Carnacon, where Stanton grew up and made her senior debut at 13, has won six All-Ireland championships, most recently in 2017, and finished runner-up three times.

In a recent interview for the Becoming GIANT podcast, Staunton explained her connection with the club and how its success had moulded her determination and drive.

“I’m lucky. Where I come from, with my club Carnacon that I play with, we’ve had years and years of success,” she said.

“We’ve lost as well, but within Mayo we’ve been very successful, we’ve had over two decades of success so we’ve had that winning mentality and drive right through the last 21 or 22 years.

“I think that’s probably where it ultimately comes from, that want to still keep competing and still keep winning. It’s like we’re afraid to give it up or something, I don’t really know.”

Staunton was one of 22 players to re-sign with the GIANTS season in the recent sign and trade period, and will be back to play her fourth season of AFLW in 2021.

“I’m from a club here that I love and am very passionate about, and I honestly thought I’d never find another club that would be like the club I play for here at home,” she said.

“On the first day at the GIANTS I felt that straight away, it’s a wonderful place.

“I find now, even watching the sign and trade period, people changing clubs is an alien thing to me.

“In Ireland, you play where you’re from, where you’re born, and that’s it. You go out and represent your community, your area, every time you put on your guernsey.”