The two sides faced off at GIANTS Stadium on Friday afternoon across four 20-minute quarters, playing 16-a-side.

It’s the second hit-out between the two teams since the AFL competition re-started with brothers Mark and Jarrad McVeigh taking over umpiring duties for this clash.

GIANTS Development coach Luke Kelly once again took the coaching reins and was pleased with what he saw.

“It was another strong hit-out against the Swans,” he said.

“They bring the contest every week. It was a good challenge for our boys to compete and bring those AFL standards and behaviours in games.

“It’s a great opportunity every couple of weeks for those guys to push their cases for AFL selection and to get out on GIANTS Stadium is always a win.”

Player Summary by Development Coach Luke Kelly

Jye Caldwell

“It was a great response after missing out on the AFL side this week. He was strong inside, was able to bring his strengths. He’s clean and was able to use his hands and his ability to spread and give us an outnumber contest to contest was a highlight. Just a really strong, hard, inside performance from him.”

Sam Jacobs

“Another one who is responding from not playing AFL this week. He competed hard, gave us first use. We know his strength is his ability to join in around the ground and help us move the ball. He was able to get into some really good ‘big man’ spots for us and give us a good contest all day.”

Tommy Sheridan

“It’s the second game we’ve been able to give him and he’s really starting to get a bit of the footy and use it as we know he can. He’s a strong wingman with his running capacity but his ability to add his ball use and his cleanliness is definitely adding to our midfield mix.”

Isaac Cumming

“‘Cheese’ - unfortunately midway through the first we lost him, it looks like a hamstring injury which is disappointing for him. We’ll wait and see on the results and hopefully get him back soon.”

Zac Langdon

“Zac is another one who missed the AFL this week and came back and responded the way we expected him to. He had a strong work-rate and was able to get up the ground and give us options as well as get back in and really apply that front-half pressure he’s known for. He got some reward on the scoreboard at the back end of the game.”

Matt Buntine

“‘Bunts’ is a pillar of consistency, he doesn’t deviate and brings a high standard week-in and week-out which is why he’s always in the mix for AFL. He’s a strong leader and backs it up with his performance.”

Lachie Keeffe

“Lachie is in the Buntine mould as well and we know what we get from him. He brings leadership and always competes. He’s in really good form as a backman with his positioning and being able to impact offensively and defensively and is putting his name right up there.”

Jake Riccardi

“He’s continuing his development as a key forward and had got his real strengths with his marking ability and his ability to launch at the ball. He has a number of shots on goal because of his work-rate and just keeps adding to his game.”

Zach Sproule

“He was hard-working all the day and got up the ground and got back to provide us with an option when we needed it. He’s another one who got his reward on the scoreboard.”

Kieren Briggs

“With Jacobs coming back in he spent a lot more time forward and was able to add to his forward craft. He’s a big guy who gives us a presence down the line in the contest in the air. He was able to bring his strengths at ground level and was clean. When he got his opportunities to ruck, he gave us first use.”

Xavier O’Halloran

“Another strong game from ‘X’. His ability to be strong inside and bring others into the game with his ball use by hands around the stoppage or by foot. He’s another one really pressing his case for the next level.”

Nick Shipley

“His ability to bring consistency week-in, week-out now, is a highlight. He plays a really important role for us on the wing, giving us balance offensively and defensively. Adding to ball use to that now, along with Sheridan, we have a couple of good weapons in our wingers.”

Bobby Hill

“We know what he brings in terms of his speed and excitement and his ability to hit the scoreboard but he’s really adding his defensive running and pressure and another side of the game, which is only helping his offensive side. Another really strong performer who will put his name up in lights for next week.”

Daniel Lloyd

“He was coming back in, we threw him inside and he was able to show us his running power and through that, when he got his hands on his footy he showed us how good he was by foot and by hand. It was a strong performance.”

Connor Idun

“He continues to develop down back. We threw him forward for periods. He competes, reads it well in the air. His ability to play to play on any type of opponent and hold down a key pillar for us is crucial and he takes another positive step in his development as a key back.”

Adam Kennedy

“He came in after an injury layoff and didn’t miss a step. We know exactly what we get from ‘Kenners’. He fights tooth and nail right to the end and his ability to not only defend but join in offence due to his running ability was just a really good return. It looks like he hasn’t missed a beat.”

Jake Stein

“He’s another one that continues to develop in his consistency as a key back. He’s strong one-on-one and has a good ability to read it in the air and chop out his mates. He’s adding that ability to join in on offence too. Like most of the backs, a strong and consistent performance.”

Jack Buckley

“He has taken his work-rate to another level and is starting to get the reward off the back of it. He provided an option all day and was able to get in and help work with our other forwards. He was clean, used it well and he’s knocking right on the door.”