The GIANTS have secured a 49-point win over Aspley in round nine of the VFL with key forward Jake Riccardi kicking eight goals.

A strong second term and final quarter blitz led the GIANTS to another victory - 17.12 (114) to 9.11 (65) - at Blacktown International Sportspark after a COVID-interrupted few weeks.

Riccardi kicked two goals in each quarter in a match that also marked the return of former skipper Phil Davis and small forward Tom Hutchesson from injury.

GIANTS VFL coach Luke Kelly said:

“It was a pleasing day in terms of getting reward for effort.

“We’ve been chipping away the last few weeks and that was probably our most complete performance.

“Other than a patch in the first quarter and in the third, you saw GIANTS football for four quarters which was really pleasing.”

Phil Davis

18 disposals, 10 marks

“A good return from Phil. They’ve got a couple of quality key forwards and him and (Callum) Brown were able to do a good job for the majority of the day. A really pleasing return."

Tanner Bruhn

25 disposals, 2 goals

“Tanner was good inside. He spent about 50/50 mid and forward and was able to kick his two goals. Another one that gave us good drive out of the middle with some real quality at the end of it. Another good performance.”

Ryan Angwin

15 disposals, 5 marks

“Another one who is getting some real consistency in his football across four quarters on the wing. His defensive run and ability to support is outstanding and we’re starting to see his offensive impact with the ball both by foot and hand. Good performance.”

Jacob Wehr

17 disposals, 10 marks

“He’s getting better and better every week. He’s been really consistent in his defensive side of the game and now his offensive stuff is really starting to create for us and give us some good drive off half-back.”

Tom Hutchesson

9 disposals, 3 marks

“Pleasing for Hutch to get through his first full game in nearly a year. We saw glimpses of the Hutchy we know and he’s obviously going to be better for the run and we look forward to next week.”

Matt Buntine

18 disposals, 10 marks 

“Great from Bunts. He defended life and death and saved us a few times when they were out. A really solid four quarters from Bunts.”

Jake Riccardi

8 goals, 24 disposals, 14 marks

“Obviously he kicked the eight goals and got on the end of some really good team work. He worked hard all day and worked hard for his goals and it was pleasing for him to be able to finish off the way he did."

Zach Sproule

16 disposals, 5 marks

“He had 15 touches and eight score involvements so while Riccardi hit the scoreboard, Sproule has kicked one goal and has also been involved in some really positive stuff for us going forward. He doesn’t drop his work rate all day.”

Kieren Briggs

23 disposals, 28 hit-outs

“He’s finding a real level of consistency now inside. He had 12 clearances as well and around the ground he was strong in the air. It really started with him inside.”

Nick Shipley

31 disposals, 3 tackles

“It was a really strong game from Shippers, one of his best of the year. He was really strong inside at clearances and gave us the best drive out of the middle. Really pleasing.”

Will Shaw

4 disposals, 3 tackles

“You look at his numbers and it looks like a quiet game but his defensive work rate and his tackling is a real standout for him. He’s still continuing on his development path as a forward and getting in dangerous spots which is something he’ll work on.”

James Peatling

23 disposals, 12 marks

“He was definitely one of our better backs on the day. His aerial stuff was good, he was able to mark the ball for us and give us good rebound but defensively he was strong as well. Pleasing.”

Callum Brown

9 disposals, 3 marks

“He came back to the VFL this week and he and Phil (Davis) took on the key position players all day. They were up against good, quality forwards and he defended well across the four quarters and we started to see a bit of his offensive drive again.”

Xavier Barry-Murphy

16 disposals, 7 marks, 1 goal

“Definitely one of his better games for us, he’s really starting to nail that wing role. Defensively he’s going really well for us but it was good to see his offensive stuff as a winger got reward as well and he was able to hit the scoreboard.”

Angus Baker

20 disposals, 4 marks

“It was Bakes’ first game for us and he slotted in nicely into our backline. He defends really well and gave us some real drive alongside Peatling and Wehr.”

Alex Smout

24 disposals, 7 marks

“He played 50/50 wing and inside and it was definitely one of his better games for us in terms of his impact around the footy. He’s continuing to develop the offensive side of his game which took a positive step on the weekend."

Billy Clark

12 disposals, 9 marks

“He’s really starting to get solid in his defensive game across the past couple of weeks. He’s defending hard and complements our backline well in terms of his aerial support and ball use which is nice.”

Rhys Pollock

15 disposals, 5 tackles

“A classic Rhys game, he’s as consistent as ever as a small forward. Nothing better than consistency out of him. He had 17 touches, six score involvements and laid the most tackles for us as well so really happy with him.”

Tim Garvey

10 disposals, 2 tackles

“Playing a really important role for us inside. He allows a lot of our other mids to hunt and he does the selfless team thing which is pleasing.”

Josh Green

15 disposals, 2 goals

“He got on the scoreboard which is nice for Josh, he’s kicked his two and worked hard inside. The game was pretty free-flowing so not necessarily the game style for him but he never dropped his work rate all day.”

Zach Youlten

8 disposals, 1 goal

“He probably could have had more scoreboard impact and score involvements, his work rate was outstanding all day and he got into some really good spots. With more games at the level he’ll find his time to settle and have some real impact but had three scoring shots which was pleasing.”

Leyton Chisholm

7 disposals, 3 marks

“Chis was a bit like Green where it wasn’t a game for the inside bulls with the ball moving around a bit. Another one who was able to go forward and give us some good contests. He’s going to get better and better every week the more games he plays at the level.”