Name: Connor Idun  

Nickname: Seek  

Team followed as a kid: Geelong 

Best player played with: Nick Haynes – call him the janitor, always cleans up the teams mess 

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Photo Day Mic'd Up

What happens when you hide a mic on Connor Idun during the 2021 GIANTS photo day. You hear about everything from hair product to chicken drumsticks.

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Most admired opponent: Sam Walsh – Falcons brother doing some big things  

All-time favourite player: Corey Enright – also a janitor  

First player you would choose in Fantasy football: Josh Kelly 

Preferred timeslot for the Grand Final: Day 

Who would you like to see as the half-time entertainment: Beyoncé  

Favourite AFLW player: Alicia Eva  

Alicia Eva works with Connor Idun and Callum Brown in the NEAFL in 2019.

If you weren’t a footballer, what would you like to be: Professional gamer  

A talent you wish you had: Playing guitar  

What makes you laugh: Nick Shipley  

What did you learn about yourself during COVID lockdowns: I’m not good at Call of Duty  

Biggest pest during hub life: Sam Taylor – cheats in all games  

Favourite sporting event you would like to attend: Golden State Warriors games  

Last TV series you binged on: Stranger Things  

The most famous person you have met: Nick Kyrgios  

Three famous people you would like to meet: Kelly Oubre jnr, Travis ScottFloyd Mayweather 

What is the best sporting event you have seen: Australian Open  

Something people would be surprised to learn about you: Was born in England  

What was your first car: Nissan Dualis  

Usual coffee order: Almond latte  

Dream place you would like to live: New York City 

Life after football: Professional gamer