The GIANTS and Blues have taken part in a 12-a-side scratch match on the Gold Coast on Monday.

“It was great to get a hit-out in,” said GIANTS Assistant Coach Luke Kelly.

"On these short turn-arounds, we need everyone best prepared for a call up so to play Carlton was great.

“It was a good competition for 50 minutes of footy so it was outstanding.”

Player Summaries by Luke Kelly

Jackson Hately

“It was a really strong running game from him, his inside work continues to grow. He’s knocking the door down.”

Tom Green

“He was clean all day, it was tough conditions and pretty windy out there but he showed his class around the ball. He was clean and strong.”

Isaac Cumming

“It was a really good running half-back game from him. He was able to use the ball going into the wind and with it really cleanly. He continues to grow in the air.”

Matt Buntine

“Outstanding from Bunts. He was fighting three v three down back and was still able to find time to chop out and help his mates. He really showed composure in his ball movement and led the way in that sense.”

Zach Sproule

“Sprouley continues just to kick goals. He finds ways to kick goal off the back of his work-rate. He brings it every week and it’s great to see him get results.”

Matt Flynn

“It was 12 v 12 so the ruckman has to run, and he did. He took care of his business inside and then he was really able to give us an option around the ground which was great.”

Xavier O’Halloran

“X finds plenty of it and he was able to use his engine today and get to more contests. He got his hands on it and was able to hit the scoreboard as well which was pleasing.”

Nick Shipley

“his best defensive game down back. He was really strong in his defensive work one on one and as always, we know he brings his ball use and he did that as the game went on.”

Connor Idun

“Selfless by him, he went and played forward for the Blues and really gave them an option and troubled our backs which is great to see.”

Jake Stein

“He gets better and better every week. That was one of his best games for us. We challenge him to keep improving and he was outstanding today.”

Jack Buckley

“Just a workhorse. We love his work-rate, he’s continuing to add to his ball use and his efficiency going forward is growing every game. He’s knowing on the door.”

Callum Brown

“Brown in his second week as a forward, continues to find himself at the footy. He’ll start clunking them and when he starts one-touching them, look out.”