The GIANTS have taken on the Bombers, with a little help from the Tigers and Suns, in a practice match on the Gold Coast.

It was a true wet weather game as 15 GIANTS took on a combined Essendon, Richmond and Gold Coast team.

GIANTS Development Coach Luke Kelly was pleased with how his side fared in the conditions.

“We started off nice and dry and then the heavens opened up for some good old-fashioned football,” Kelly said.

“The boys cracked in and both sides played with great spirit.

"It was another good hit-out before we head to Perth to put their name in lights.”

Player Summary by Luke Kelly

Tom Hutchesson

"One of our best on the day. Super clean in the conditions. Had critical involvements with his tackling and his hardness."

Connor Idun

"He continued his outstanding form. He’s really holding down that back five for us at the moment. He continues to get better and better every week, definitely ready to go when needed.”

Jake Stein

“Steiny - best game he's played for us this year. He was really strong in the air. Didn't get beaten at ground level. He was really strong.”

Nick Shipley

“It was really strong by Shippers. It’s his third game at half-back and he’s really starting to use the football and give us a lot of drive off half-back. He continues to work on his defensive side of the game but a really pleasing performance.”

Callum Brown

"Browny continues to get better and better every week and continues to do something that surprises us. His physicality and his strength in the air and on the ground, but then he's able to run and carry like we know we can.”

Adam Kennedy

“Ken is in his second game back and he was really strong for us down back. Shows good leadership, his ball use was outstanding for us and he competed hard all day.”

Matt Flynn

“Really good ruck battle. We know they've got some really good rucks with Phillips and a couple of really good young ruckman. Flynny fought hard all day and gave us a great presence down the line. He fought hard in the air and that’s pleasing.”

Tom Green

“Played inside and was outstanding in these sort of conditions, that definitely suit him. He was able to just show his hardness and cleanliness around the footy, giving us first hands on it. He was huge.”

Jackson Hately

“He was the same as Tom. It’s his third game back as an inside-mid. He really showed his strength and his cleanliness inside. Him and Greeny worked really well together and gave us an edge inside.”

Tommy Sheridan

“He played a bit inside and bit outside. His ability to run and cover the ground and create an outnumber for us. He's using the ball as good as ever, which is really, really pleasing.”

Zach Sproule

“Probably slightly down last week and responded really well. Got himself up and around the footy. Gave us a great target coming out of our back 50 all day.”

Jack Buckley

“He was probably unlucky to not be at AFL level and responded accordingly today. He was one of our cleanest in the trying conditions. He's one of our hardest, in terms of his tackling. Another fantastic performance from Bucks.”

Jake Riccardi

“He started really well. Gave us a great presence up front. Strong hands, continues to bring his teammates into it. Copped a little knock midway through the second but was able to fight through and still have an impact for us.”

Kieren Briggs

“Joined in the good ruck battle. His ability to give hands on in the middle but then his follow up today was great. And then he was able to provide a big target late for us up front.”

Bobby Hill

“He worked hard all day to have an impact when he was around it. Another one that was really clean in the conditions and able to hit the scoreboard. A pleasing performance.”