The GIANTS’ non-AFL playing players have had a great hit-out against the Hawks at Tom Wills Oval on Friday morning.

The match was played across about 75 minutes of game time and started with 14-a-side before the final 15 minutes were played with 12-a-side.

The GIANTS played 13 players and at various times had several Hawks pull on the orange jumper to fill in on the GIANTS side.

GIANTS Development Coach Luke Kelly was rapt with the way his players performed on a sunny Sydney day.

“It was a beautiful day for it,” Kelly said.

“The ability to keep having these hit-outs, especially against quality opponents such as the Hawks, is always a positive for us.

“It gives our boys a chance to continue to compete at a high level in preparation for AFL.

“Another great hit-out, the boys were really strong across the whole time.”

Luke Kelly on the GIANTS’ Players

Jackson Hately

“He responded really well coming back from AFL. He played back inside and reminded us of the qualities as an inside-mid that he has. He was strong, clean and brought his teammates into it. He really led the way inside for us.”

Tom Green

“Another strong performance inside from Green. We know he’s clean with his hands and he accentuated that today. He was able to bring others into it as well as adding the ability to spread and get to contests which showed with the amount of ball he ended up having.”

Tom Hutchesson

“A great return from Hutchy which is a credit to him and our rehab staff for him to be able to step in and have a genuine impact for us. A lot to like about his return, there was plenty of excitement there with him so it’s a really positive step.”

Matt Buntine

“We say he’s consistent week-in, week-out but he’s actually getting stronger. His leadership within the back group is a given but his aerial courage and he’s adding to his ball use as well which is only going to benefit us. He’s ready to go when called on.”

Jake Riccardi

“Really good from Ricca. As a developing forward who is a bit more mature, week-in and week-out he just keeps on adding to his game. We know he can hit the scoreboard but his ability late in the game to play up high and show off his running ability is great. Another one who brings others into it with his hands and his use going into the front half.”

Matt Flynn

“His third game back and he had more time in the ruck with Sam Jacobs going up to AFL level. He really grabbed the opportunity with his physical presence around the ball and was able to follow up and give us good use around it. He competed really hard for us around the ground.”

Kieren Briggs

“In the same boat as Flynn, he gave us great first use at centre bounce with his jump and his follow up today improved. He was able to get involved in chains around the ball and he gave us really strong presence down the line and in the air.”

Xavier O’Halloran

“He played a variety of roles today and executed each to a high level. We know he has the running capacity but he was strong inside and able to drive the ball forward whether he was playing inside, half-forward or wing.”

Nick Shipley

“It was a change for Shippers who went to half-back today. He gave us a lot of drive and run out of there that we know he’s been showing on the wing. He was able to add some defensive stuff and fight some one-on-ones which was pleasing. It was another strong performance from Shippers.”

Bobby Hill

“He responded really well coming back from AFL. He worked on what he had to work on but also really accentuated his strengths today. His ball use and his ability to bring others into it was a highlight - along with a trademark ‘specky’.”

Connor Idun

“He gets better and better every week. He competes and competes from minute one to minute 100. We have a lot of trust in Connor now and he’s a strong, developing defender who each week wins his position.”

Jack Buckley

“We keep saying he’s getting better and better every week and we couldn’t be happier with how he’s going. Another great performance that highlighted his work rate and now he’s adding the finishing. He kicked four goals after playing predominately wing before moving forward, it wasn’t just kicking them in space but contested marks too. He’s doing everything right at the moment.”

Callum Brown

“Another one that’s getting better and better every week. We know he provides drive and run and some real dash but his defensive stuff and his attack on the ball is growing week by week so we’re really happy with how he’s tracking.”