Name: Rebecca Privitelli

Nickname: Priv

Any pre-game superstitions or routines: Must have a coffee. I also need to take a couple of set shots by myself before we go out for warm-up.

Greatest individual effort you have seen on the footy field: When Emma Swanson dived into the goal post and ruled herself out of the season with a shoulder injury to save a goal.

A player from another team you would love to play with and why: Bri Davey - I have played with her before and she would be my favourite teammate to play with again. Great leader, works as hard as anyone on the field and would cop a belting for any one of her teammates.

Best rule in footy and why: 50m penalty, when it's in our favour only.

And the worst and why: The zone rule … thankfully it isn’t played at AFLW level at this stage but was played at VFL… at least I got my kms up running back to the 50m at every stoppage.

How many games of footy do you watch each weekend: During AFLW season, none. During AFLM season, any GIANTS or Richmond games.

Your favourite TV football show and why: I don’t watch any.

Favourite commentator and why: Daisy Pearce, she speaks so well and speaks honestly about what she thinks. And understands the game as well as any one.

Favourite meal the night before a game: Don’t really have a pre-meal game, which is boring. Maybe something with crunchy potatoes?

Which teammate should appear on the next series of The Bachelor: Jodie Hicks 

Teammate most likely to succeed after football and why: Annalyse Lister, she just seems more switched on than the rest of us.

Which teammate belts out your club theme song with the most gusto: Alicia Eva, she absolutely loves a celebration.

Favourite Netflix series: Gossip Girl - only watched it about three times through.

Apple Music or Spotify: Spotify

Do you play Fortnite: Absolutely not

Favourite comedian: Don’t really pay much attention to comedy.

Favourite animal and why: My dogs Jax and Noa.

Favourite section of the AFL Record: The front page.

Your favourite possession: My record player … spent too much money on vinyls for it not to be

Best gift you have received: A life-size Taylor Swift cardboard cut out that still lives in my room in Melbourne.

If you won lotto, what is the first thing you would buy: jet ski.

Your favourite holiday destination: Japan

The most famous person you have met: Cora Staunton

The most famous person you would like to meet: Taylor Swift 

Dream job if you weren’t a footballer: A drummer in a successful band that travels the world.

Dream place to live in the world: Sicily

The funniest/weirdest thing that has happened to you: I wanted a new car a few years ago, but my parents told me to wait a year or two. A week later someone crashed into my car and wrote it off whilst it was getting serviced at the mechanicsSo I ended up getting that new car I wanted.

What scares you: Frogs 

What is the one talent you wish you had:  Singing talent