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GIANT Steps in Health Returns

GIANTS Care: Mens Health The GIANTS Care Men's Health program was an unprecedented success in 2017 as 30 members lost over 460 kilograms and are enjoying the benefits.

The GIANTS are pleased to announce that applications for our 2018 GIANT Steps in Health program have opened for both male and female participants.

Hot on the heels of two successful GIANTS Steps Health Programs that saw 68 participants lose a total of 1055kg, the Steps in Health program is designed to provide participants with a sustainable healthy lifestyle, with a particular focus on reversing chronic diseases and increasing weight loss.

This unique GIANTS Care initiative will act as a motivational tool to better the physiological health of 30 participants through a 12-week management program.

This program has been developed and headed by Ray Kelly, one of Australia’s leading health professionals. 

With over 25 years’ experience in health and sport, Kelly is an accredited exercise physiologist and has worked with contestants on ‘The Biggest Loser Australia’ and ‘The Contender’. 

The GIANT Steps in Health Program has been developed to achieve results for any individual. 

Program Outline

This program will provide a 12-week video education program as well as daily motivational videos sent directly to your phone.

Participants will also be guided through a wide range of fresh food choices, with no supplementations, along with a personalised exercise program, the empowerment to take control of lifestyle via educational content, and a support network of Ray Kelly and other participants. 

For further information, contact or apply using the form below by Monday, September 10.

Successful applicants will be invited to the program launch at WestConnex Centre, Sydney Olympic Park on Saturday, September 15.

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