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Toyo Joins the GIANTS

Sport is the campfire around which families gather. AFL is a truly national game with family values complementary to Toyo’s family safety focus, and those of our tyre retail partners.
Toyo Tires CEO Michael Rudd

The GIANTS today announced a multi-million dollar, multi-year co-major partnership with leading international tyre brand Toyo Tires.

The sponsorship will see the Toyo Tires logo take pride of place on the team’s guernsey and includes significant signage, branding and activation opportunities across a suite of GIANTS’ assets.

The partnership forms a major part of Western Sydney-based Toyo Tires’ drive to create safer roads for Australian families.

The partnership commences as the GIANTS prepare for their fifth season in the AFL, and as Toyo moves to capture the family-car tyre market.

GWS GIANTS CEO, David Matthews, said the club was delighted to partner with an organisation of Toyo’s standing on the international stage.

“We are thrilled to welcome Toyo Tires, an internationally respected and recognised brand, as our newest co-major partner,” Mr Matthews said.

“The ability to attract brands like Toyo is testament to the GIANTS’ values and commitment to success and a reflection of our ongoing growth and development both on and off the field.

“This partnership represents a clear alignment for both organisations with shared objectives in the Western Sydney community and beyond. We are proud to partner with an organisation like Toyo who have such a strong community focus and a partnership portfolio that includes some of the biggest sporting organisations in the world.”

Toyo Tires CEO Michael Rudd said the partnership goes far beyond signage and guernsey rights, demonstrating a new direction for the company and a commitment to supporting tyre retail partners.

“This partnership is good for Toyo, good for footy, the GIANTS and ultimately, good for the consumer,” he said.

“Sport is the campfire around which families gather. AFL is a truly national game with family values complementary to Toyo’s family safety focus, and those of our tyre retail partners.

“AFL is the sponsorship of choice for successful car brands and with good cause. It is the most searched, most attended, most watched game and fans are engaged in the new vehicle market.  It provides a year-round window that reaches the heartland of Australia, from AusKick to the elite level.

“Toyo and the GIANTS are moving up their respective ranks. The GIANTS have the largest population footprint of any AFL team, and the partnership will broaden the appeal of the Toyo brand.”

Mr Rudd said the sponsorship signifies a push by Toyo to give back to the community.

“In 41 years of local history, Toyo Tires has always been headquartered in Western Sydney. Our intention is to add value for GIANTS’ fans and to create safer roads for Australians by generating greater awareness of the importance of tyres.

“With almost 13 million vehicles registered there are over 50 million tyres navigating Australia. Tyres are the one point of contact between vehicle and the road. With the right information, drivers improve the safety of their vehicles, and our roads.”

The GWS GIANTS join Toyo Tires’ global roster of highly recognised elite sports properties including AC Milan, Leicester City FC, the Boston Red Sox, top-ranked UFC fighters, the Stadium Super Trucks series and motorsport icons from around the world.

The GIANTS thank previous co-major partner SpotJobs for their support across the club throughout the 2015 season.


For over 40 years, Toyo Tires has stood for innovation, quality, performance and excellent service in Australia. Today, Toyo Tires offers a complete selection of premium replacement tyres for nearly every make and model, manufacturing the highest-quality tyres for high-performance cars, family and luxury vehicles, SUVs and 4x4s, light trucks, and for trucks and buses.

For upcoming Toyo Tires exclusive offers to celebrate their partnership with the GIANTS and their involvement with the AFL, please register your interest here.