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Matthew Hagias  January 14, 2016 4:03 PM

Shiel Breaks the Internet Watch the video that has sent social media into a storm. Unbelievable strength from GIANTS midfielder Dylan Shiel.


Dylan Shiel broke the internet.

He didn’t mean to, but he did. In just 16 seconds.

A freakish training exercise known as a “Razor Curl” hamstring extension was posted on the GIANTS social media accounts on Thursday afternoon.

In an incredible show of strength Shiel can be seen kneeling before he slowly moves downward toward the floor, using only his hamstrings to stop him falling.

At full extension, the 22-year old holds himself parallel to the floor.

It took hardly any time for the short video to become one of the GIANTS’ most popular social media clips of all time.

The Razor Curl is considered the gold standard of hamstring strengthening because it makes the hamstring work at both ends at the knee and hip joint.

Shiel, who was one of the inaugural GIANTS, is entering his fifth season in the AFL after having a career-best year in 2015 despite missing the last eight games with a knee injury.

Think you can match Dylan Shiel? Why not grab a mate and give the #ShielStringChallenge a crack. Make sure you post your video on social media along with the hashtag.

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