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Fast Five with Andrew Phillips

GIANTS Media  August 7, 2015 10:36 AM

Learn more about GIANTS ruckman Andrew Phillips.

Learn more about GIANTS ruckman Andrew Phillips.

Everyone knows GIANTS players are talented footballers but how much do you really know about their lives off the field? Read these Fast Five facts about ruckman Andrew Phillips.

Car Hurdler – Not sure if I could do it any more but I used to be able to jump over a (stationary) car. I hurdled over a Barina once. The second time I tried it I left a pretty big dent.

Outdoors Man – I love spending time camping and hiking whenever I get some spare time. I’ve also been known to be a bit of a 4-wheel drive enthusiast. 

Breakfast Monitor – One of my pet hates is when people leave bread crumbs and vegemite residue on the inside of the butter container when spreading their toast in the morning. Not a fan at all.

Cat Lover – I once caught a feral cat with my bare hands. It broke into our house in Tasmania and I chased it across a field until it got tired. 

Original GIANT – I’m one of the ten remaining original GIANTS who started at the club in 2010. Before I started taking my football seriously I used to be a chippy. 

This regular series of player stories aims to bring GIANTS fans closer to their heroes by giving a snap-shot into their private lives.