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From Western Sydney to China

Matthew Hagias  January 6, 2016 2:40 PM

Chris Tassone is on his way to China to work with their Olympic Team.

Chris Tassone is on his way to China to work with their Olympic Team.

A former trainee with the GIANTS’ Athletic Performance Unit (APU) has joined the Chinese Olympic Team as they prepare for the upcoming Rio de Janeiro games in August.

Chris Tassone, who recently spent a year at the GIANTS, will put his experience to good use as a strength and conditioning specialist focusing on the canoe/kayaking squad.

Tassone was one of the inaugural members of the APU Traineeship program which gives participants hands on experience in a professional sporting environment.

He will be responsible for implementing a training program to physically develop the Chinese athletes ahead of their events.

“This is an amazing opportunity to put all the lessons I learned at the GIANTS in place somewhere else,” Tassone said.

“I’m terrified of having to learn a new language and it will be a big cultural change living over there but I’m very excited at the same time.

“I truly believe the APU Traineeship is a world-class program because you’re not just standing around, you actually have a lot of responsibility.”

The GIANTS’ APU trainees are responsible for various tasks including data analysis, physiotherapy screening, program design, strength and conditioning work as well as rehabilitation exercises with players.

Find out more about the GIANTS’ current crop of APU trainees here.