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Shaw Sure the GIANTS Can Bounce Back

Heath Shaw says the GIANTS can return to their early season form in the final six games of the season.
There's no bigger challenge, and our boys are looking forward to the opportunity.
GIANTS Defender Heath Shaw

Critics dismissing the GIANTS' premiership chances late in a season isn't a new phenomenon, and given their current form, the GIANTS probably deserve a couple of whacks.

They've lost three of their past four matches, their place inside the top four, and star midfielder Josh Kelly ahead of a massive clash with Richmond at the MCG on Sunday.


But while it seems like the GIANTS are falling out of flag contention in recent weeks after losing to Adelaide and Essendon when leading in the final term, and Brisbane at home last Sunday, its players remain focused on the Tigers, not the detractors.

Dual All Australian defender Heath Shaw told that the changing fortunes of footy teams is nothing new to him.

"Collingwood was second and we were third this time two weeks ago and we were both premiership contenders, now we're both gone," he said with a laugh.

"It's such an even competition. Another two weeks down the track another couple of teams will be written off, and someone else will be flag favourites.

"We have confidence that we can beat the best sides because we've beaten Richmond and we've beaten Geelong down at Geelong, which is one of the toughest tasks going around.

"No opposition team scares us, but we haven't got enough runs on the board this year, and we definitely need to do that before we go into the finals.

"That starts with Richmond on Sunday.

"They're getting players back, their form is rising, and it's at their home ground.

"It'll be the world against us down there. That's a situation we've been in before, and we haven't gotten over the line.

"There's no bigger challenge, and our boys are looking forward to the opportunity."

Shaw said that in an ideal world the Giants would go through the season undefeated to claim their maiden premiership without any setbacks, but the veteran has seen plenty in his 297-game career with the Magpies and the GIANTS.

He's smart enough to know that fairy tales don't exist.

The 2010 flag winner is also supremely confident that despite his team's recent struggles, the GIANTS can turn things around and fight its way back up the ladder to secure a vital double chance.

"Sometimes this year we haven't adjusted quickly enough during games which has cost us," Shaw said.

"In others we haven't been tough enough, and we haven't been consistent with what we do best throughout those losses.

"As simple as footy is, it's hard to consistently do that for four quarters over 16 weeks.

"We're still maturing as a group in that regard.

"It's not a bad thing to have a couple of quiet weeks, it's about the way you bounce back and learn from things like that.

"I've been around for a long time, and I've seen worse runs than us having a couple of losses in a row.

"Our group is pretty stubborn and bounces back pretty well, and I have no doubt we can respond again."