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Pocket Profile: Ebony O'Dea

Ebony O'Dea claims she can solve a Rubik's Cube in under a minute while riding a unicycle.

Name: Ebony O'Dea

Nickname: Ebs

Tell us about where you grew up
I grew up in Springton, which is on the fringe Barossa Valley in South Australia. My family lived on about an acre property and we normally had a couple of sheep or a calf when we were growing up, more as a pet than anything else.

How did you get into football and where, and when was your first game?
I studied chemistry at Adelaide Uni when I was in year 12, which meant I was traveling to the city a few times a week. I had a look at the university sports teams and saw they had women’s footy, which was not really available in the Barossa. I actually had my first game when I was in year 11 on my high school team at Faith Lutheran college.

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What’s your favourite football memory, tell us about it?
Playing in the inaugural SANFLW premiership for Norwood in 2017. It was my first ever sporting premiership, and only my third SANFLW game. A very close second is our Adelaide Footy Womens’ premiership of the same year. In summary, premierships are the best. 

What were you doing on draft day?
I flew over to Melbourne with my mate Tess to watch it with Jess Edwards who got picked up by Carlton too. It was great. 

Who’s your favourite player to watch?
Tom Scully and Chelsea Randall are my faves.

You’re on a dessert island, what are the three items that you’d take with you?
My long doggo, a footy and some jelly.

What’s your favourite flavour of shapes?

Vegemite: yes or no and if yes how much do you use?
I’m more of a promite gal 🤷‍♀️

What’s a hidden talent that you have?
I can solve a rubiks whilst riding a unicycle in under a minute.

Do you have any pets?
One very long dog. Eggy is my 4.5 year old retired racing greyhound.

What other sports do you play or enjoy watching?
I used to play soccer and basketball, I play a bit of Gaelic Football, and extreme unicycling… it’s a thing. 

Describe your perfect holiday?
40,000 dogs, including my boy, OJ on tap and loads of cacti and succulents. 

Favourite TV show?
Brooklyn nine-nine 

What song can you not help but sing when it comes on the radio?
Panic at the disco: High Hopes 

What is your most over-used hashtag?

What’s your pet peeve?
That capsicum exists