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We’re delighted to have the majority of our list made up of local players, there’s so much AFL talent in NSW and the ACT and it’s growing year on year.
GIANTS AFLW Coach Tim Schmidt

New South Wales’ Nicola Barr has created history by being the first player selected in the inaugural AFL Women’s Draft, taken with the number 1 pick by the GIANTS today.

On an pivotel day for Australian Football and for women’s football in New South Wales, the local Sydney University midfielder was the first name called at the AFL Women’s Draft in Melbourne.

After taking Barr as part of the New South Wales draft, the GIANTS finalised the majority of the club’s playing list for the upcoming NAB AFL Women’s competition via talent predominantly from New South Wales and the ACT.

GIANTS AFL Women’s coach Tim Schmidt said securing Barr was a significant moment for the club and the game more broadly in New South Wales.

“We’re delighted to have secured Nicola with the first pick today,” Schmidt said.

“I’ve got to know Nicola well in recent years through her involvement in the academy system and we believe she’ll be an extremely valuable addition to our playing list.

“Nicola only took up Australian Football a few years ago and she’s a great example of the terrific young talent coming out of New South Wales that we’ll see playing for the GIANTS in the years to come."   

The GIANTS received pick number one in the first ever draft lottery, with the day following a snake format, meaning the GIANTS had picks number one and number 16 while Melbourne, who held the last pick in the first round - number eight - took it’s next selection at number nine, the first pick of the second round.

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With its next two picks, the GIANTS selected two interstate talents who had nominated for the NSW draft in a bid to play for the club.

Versatile Victorian Ashleigh Guest was selected at pick 16 while West Australian forward/ruck Aimee Schmidt was taken at pick 17.

The GIANTS’ AFL Women’s inaugural coach welcomed the interstate duo to the GIANTS.

“We think both Ashleigh and Amy will compliment the players we’ve signed in recent months and the local talent we selected today,” Schmidt said.

“Both players are excited about the opportunity of joining the GIANTS and helping grow the game in New South Wales and we’re thrilled to add them to our squad."

The remainder of the GIANTS’ 16 selections were made up of local talent from NSW and the ACT with the best of the best from the two states to run out in orange and charcoal in 2017.

“We’re delighted to have the majority of our list made up of local players,” Schmidt added.

“There’s so much AFL talent in NSW and the ACT and it’s growing year on year. Seeing local players represent their local team at the elite level will only help grow Australian Football.

“Not only is it great for the game but these players have a wealth of talent that will be on show in the competition next year.”

The remaining three places on the club lists of 27 will be filled via ‘free agency’. Free agents are those players who have nominated for the Draft but were not selected and may now consider options to play interstate. Free agents must be selected prior to October 31.


GIANTS’ AFL Women’s Draft Selections:

Pick 1

Nicola Barr - Midfielder

From: NSW - Sydney University

D.O.B: 13/06/1996

Height: 168cm

An elite runner with energy and speed to burn. Has a penetrating kick. Has developed significantly since starting the game only four years ago. Won the 2016 Mostyn Medal as the best player in AFL Sydney’s Division One women’s competition.


Pick 16

Ashleigh Guest - Utility

From: Victoria - VU Western Spurs

D.O.B: 10/4/1990

Height: 165cm

Equipped with great running ability, Guest’s repeated running efforts, combined with her hardness at the contest, ensure that she impacts the contest regularly. Able to play in all zones across the ground, Guest's versatility is a critical component of her game. Guest played for Melbourne in two AFL Women’s Exhibition series matches in 2016.


Pick 17
Amiee Schmidt – Forward/Ruck

From: WA - Coastal Titans

D.O.B: 16/4/1993

Height: 171.5cm

A quick forward runner who can kick long on the run, Schmidt played for West Coast against Fremantle earlier this year. Can get to any contest and take a high mark with a good leap. Schmidt has also represented Western Australia.


Pick 32 

Rebecca Beeson - Forward

From: NSW - UNSW-ES Stingrays

D.O.B: 20/2/1997

Height: 167cm

Known for her smarts, Beeson is a half-forward whose skills stand out under pressure. Still very young at only 19, she stepped up her game again in the last half of 2016. A great football brain, good skills and can take a great overhead mark. One to watch in 2017.


Pick 33

Kate Stanton - Forward

From: NSW - Wollongong Saints

An exceptionally naturally gifted player, Stanton is a real danger for opposition defences in the forward 50 as highlighted by her twelve-goal National Youth Girl Championship tally which led her team to Grand Final victory and individual selection in the All Star team.


Pick 48

Erin McKinnon - Ruck

From: NSW - Sydney University

Height: 189cm

Another player out of the Youth Girls competition this year. Standing at 189cm, she dominated in the ruck and made the All Australian side. Moves very well around the ground too.


Pick 49

Mai Nguyen - Midfielder

From: NSW - UNSW-ES Stingrays

D.O.B: 16/6/1990     

Height: 164cm

Great athlete and finds plenty of the football. Normally plays through the midfield but can also come off half back. Very fit and extremely tough, Nguyen is in the prime of her career and never takes a backward step.


Pick 64

Amanda Farrugia - Midfielder/Defender

From: NSW - Macquarie University Warriors

D.O.B: 24/1/1985      

Height: 165cm

Farrugia is very hard at the ball and is not one to take a back seat. Can play midfield or back. Farrugia has been one of the top AFL Sydney players for some time, winning the 2015 Mostyn Medal as the best player in AFL Sydney’s Division 1 women’s competition.


Pick 65

Jacinda Barclay - Utility
From: NSW - UNSW-ES Stingrays

D.O.B: 18/02/1991

Height: 170cm

Very explosive and can play both ends of the ground. Also a former baseball player who represented Australia in the 2008 World Cup before turning her hand to gridiron and playing in the Legends Football League.


Pick 80

Britt Tully - Midfielder

From: ACT - Gungahlin Jets

D.O.B 3/05/1993      

Height: 168cm

Tough, in and under midfielder who never gives up and finds plenty of football. She was recently crowned AFL Canberra Women's Best and Fairest winner.


Pick 81 

Kristy De Pellegrini - Defender

From: NSW - Southern Power
D.O.B: 8/05/1990 


Injury interrupted her 2016 season, but De Pellegrini is a good size defender that can play on players much bigger in size. Very tough, no nonsense defender who played for Sydney in their exhibition match against the GIANTS earlier this year.


Pick 96
Renee Tomkins - Defender

From: NSW - Penrith Rammettes

D.O.B: 17/4/86

Height: 173cm

Tall defender with great athleticism and a huge kick on both sides of the body. Tomkins moves well and can kick with both feet. Uses height and athleticism to outreach and outrun her opponents.


Pick 97 

Clare Lawton - Ruck/Forward/Defender
From: ACT

A tall athletic player who can play ruck, forward or back. Moves around the ground with ease and is a pretty good user of the football. 


Pick 112

Ella Ross - Midfielder

From: ACT - Queanbeyan Tigers

D.O.B: 1/7/1992


Similar to Britt Tully, an in and under player who finds plenty of the ball. Puts great pressure on the opposition and loves to tackle. 


Pick 113 

Stephanie Walker - Midfielder

From: NSW - Sydney Uni Bombers
D.O.B: 28/02/1984

Height 161cm

Dynamic, exciting midfielder/small forward. Always looking to attack the footy, create opportunity and score. Has had an injury troubled 2016, but when up and going, is a very dangerous forward.

Marquee Players:

Renee Forth (WA)

Emma Swanson (WA)


Priority Player Selections:

Maddy Collier (NSW)

Phoebe McWilliams (VIC)

Jessica Dal Pos (VIC)

Louise Stephenson (VIC)

Alex Williams (WA)


Rookie Players:

Jess Bibby (ACT)

Ellie Brush (ACT)