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Josh Kelly

Josh Kelly

Recruited from:
East Brighton (Vic)/Sandringham U18

Emma Quayle is an award-winning journalist and draft expert who spent 16 years covering AFL for The Age newspaper before joining the GIANTS’ recruiting team in February, 2017. As one of the industry’s most respected writers and talent spotters, Quayle provides unique feature articles on the GIANTS emerging and establish players.

The Leaders: David Matthews

In the first episode of the GIANTS' new podcast series The Leaders, award winning journalist and GIANTS recruiter Emma Quayle sits down with Chief Executive David Matthews – one of the most highly regarded sports administrators in the country.

11:23am  Mar 28, 2019

Hately's High Hopes

Jackson Hately speaks to Emma Quayle about what makes him nervous and how he quit basketball to focus on a career in football.

11:28am  Feb 14, 2019

Genuine Leader Continuing Family Tradition

A genuine person, and a genuine leader. Emma Quayle shares Xavier O'Halloran's draft story, and why the GIANTS were so keen to take him in round one of selections.

3:23pm  Feb 7, 2019

Caldwell's School of Hard Knocks

GIANTS top-pick in the 2018 Draft Jye Caldwell had a few more tests than would have been expected in final underage season, as Emma Quayle writes.

3:34pm  Jan 31, 2019

Worth the Wait

Connor Idun wanted to be drafted and the GIANTS wanted to draft him. It was a matter of waiting and live trading to make Idun's dream come true, writes Emma Quayle.

11:56am  Jan 17, 2019

Eli and Zac's Brave Fight

Just as Zac Langdon's AFL dreams were about to be realised, his girlfriend Eli Suleska was delivered news that would rock the young couple. As Emma Quayle writes, it was a battle that has helped shape Langdon on and off the field.

5:01pm  Aug 1, 2018

Lachie's New Adventure

When best mate Zac Williams went down in the pre-season, and other half-back options struggling with injury, Lachie Whitfield was suddenly thrust into a new position on the footy field where he’s thrived across the 2018 season, playing some of the best footy of his career.

12:38pm  Jul 25, 2018

The Originals: Jonny Patton

GIANTS forward Jonny Patton speaks to award-winning journalist Emma Quayle in the final episode of season one of The Originals.

3:45pm  May 23, 2018

The Originals: Jeremy Cameron

In the penultimate episode of series one of The Originals, Emma Quayle speaks with key forward Jeremy Cameron.

6:08pm  May 16, 2018

How Kid Callan Became Captain Ward

Award-winning journalist Emma Quayle speaks to Callan Ward's team-mates about his journey from quite kid to one of the AFL's most influential captains.

11:33am  May 10, 2018

The Originals: Dylan Shiel

Midfielder Dylan Shiel has become the latest GIANT to speak with award-winning journalist Emma Quayle as part of her podcast series The Originals.

3:51pm  May 9, 2018

The Originals: Adam Tomlinson

Defender Adam Tomlinson is the latest GIANT to speak with award-winning journalist Emma Quayle as part of her podcast series The Originals.

3:37pm  May 2, 2018

The Originals: Nick Haynes

High flying defender Nick Haynes becomes the fifth inaugural GIANT to speak with award-winning journalist Emma Quayle for her podcast series, The Originals.

3:59pm  Apr 18, 2018

The Originals: Tim Mohr

In episode four of The Originals, award-winning journalist Emma Quayle explores the incredible journey of defender Tim Mohr.

2:57pm  Apr 11, 2018

The Originals: Toby Greene

GIANTS forward Toby Greene sits down with award-winning journalist Emma Quayle for an open and forthright discussion about his career since joining the club with pick 11 of the 2011 AFL Draft.

1:44pm  Apr 4, 2018

The Originals: Matt Buntine

In episode two of the GIANTS' new podcast The Originals, award-winning journalist Emma Quayle sits down with pick five in the 2011 National Draft Matt Buntine.

1:06pm  Mar 28, 2018

The Originals: Stephen Coniglio

In episode one of The Originals, award-winning journalist Emma Quayle sits down with pick two of the 2011 National Draft, Stephen Coniglio.

2:00pm  Mar 21, 2018

Coming Soon: The Originals

Award-winning journalist Emma Quayle will host a new podcast, interviewing 10 of the GIANTS inaugural squad members who remain at the club.

3:42pm  Mar 14, 2018

Determined Daniels

In her final piece on the GIANTS draftees of 2017, Emma Quayle explores the determination that drives Brent Daniels.

4:47pm  Feb 13, 2018

The Fight in Aiden Bonar

Award winning journalist Emma Quayle delves into what it took for draftee Aiden Bonar to fight back from two knee injuries to become a GIANT.

11:24am  Feb 6, 2018