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Josh Kelly

Josh Kelly

Recruited from:
East Brighton (Vic)/Sandringham U18

Message from the GIANTS CEO, David Matthews

Connecting with communities is in many respects our core business.

It is vital that we not only develop a strong reputation as a good corporate and community citizen but embody an organisation that supports its regional family in ways that our members, fans, stakeholders and communities can be proud.

In early 2015 the GIANTS engaged with local government and key Western Sydney stakeholders to unearth the biggest issues facing youth, families and the broader community in our region.

Four priority areas were identified and placed at the forefront of all program planning for our GIANTS Care initiatives.

These priority areas have been shaped to become the four key pillars of our Club’s community agenda; health, harmony, education and employment, whereby GIANTS Care is used as a vehicle to deliver meaningful, relevant social programming and enrich the lives of communities in Western Sydney, Southern NSW and the ACT.

Three years on, our GIANTS Care initiatives have positively impacted the lives of over 46,000 people from our communities, with a total program investment of $2.8 million during that time.

This year our deep-dive GIANTS Care programs will focus not only on the breadth but the depth of our community activity, with particular emphasis on achieving real and long-lasting health, harmony, education and employment outcomes for our communities.

Our second tier Community Engagement, Inclusion and Diversity Initiatives use our partnerships with industry professionals to tackle key social issues in line with our community agenda.

This tier is especially important to allow us to address community needs outside those in our own GIANTS Care programs.

We look ahead to our 2018 community programming with great excitement and thank our GIANTS Care partners for their ongoing commitment.

We acknowledge that without their support many of these community initiatives would not be possible.

David Matthews,


GIANTS Care Programs