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Josh Kelly

Josh Kelly

Recruited from:
East Brighton (Vic)/Sandringham U18

I can’t find my barcodes, where can I see this information?

Your barcode will be sent to you in the on sale emails prior to each finals match. Alternatively, if you are unable to access your GIANTS My Account, please contact the Membership Team at or call 1300 GIANTS (1300 442 687).

There is no 12 digit barcode on my member card?

Non-access members, who don’t have a barcode on their 2019 GIANTS member card, have been issued a barcode to access Finals matches in 2019. This barcode(s) has been emailed to you.

How will I receive information regarding ticket on-sales?

All information for Week 1 Finals will be sent on following the completion of Round 23. Ticket on sale information for Weeks 2-3 will be sent on the Sunday following the completion of that weekend’s Finals fixture.

Reminders of ticket sales will also be sent via SMS.

Contact the Membership Team at or on 1300 GIANTS (1300 442 687) to make sure you are subscribed to receive Finals Information and have provided a mobile number. 

As a GIANTS Reserved Seat Member will I have access to purchase my seat at Spotless Stadium should a GIANTS home final be played there?

The AFL Finals Series is run by the AFL and therefore Reserved Seat Members do not have access to purchase their reserved seat that they have throughout the GIANTS home and away season.

As a GIANTS member, will I be able to purchase additional tickets for family and friends?

Members will be advised in the ticket on sale information email if they will have the ability to purchase additional tickets for family and friends for that week’s game.

Do I need to enter each 12 digit barcode if we have a family membership?

Yes. 1 barcode = 1 ticket purchase (unless additional tickets are available).

If I purchase tickets in the Member pre-sale, will I be seated with other GIANTS members and fans?

Yes. GIANTS members will have GIANTS bays within each seating category available.