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Who Leads the Toyo Tires Most Valuable GIANT?

June 16, 2017 11:39 AM

While Josh Kelly leads the Toyo Tires MVG, a host of GIANTS are close behind.

While Josh Kelly leads the Toyo Tires MVG, a host of GIANTS are close behind.

With the GIANTS’ season at its halfway point, let’s take a look at who has captured the eyes of the fans to lead the Toyo Tires Most Valuable GIANT Award. 

Josh Kelly’s the early leader with his standout performances across the past month, seeing him receive maximum votes against Essendon and Richmond.

While Kelly tops the tally with 168 votes, the Toyo Tires MVG isn’t just a midfielders’ award with two forwards sitting inside the top five. 

Toby Greene is close behind Kelly in second place with 137 votes after polling two best on ground performances and three top-three finishes.

The mercurial forward could be leading the poll had he not missed rounds seven and eight through suspension. 

Joint Coleman Medal leader Jeremy Cameron sits in third spot with his performances against the Suns, North Melbourne, Swans, Collingwood and Richmond all catching the eyes of the GIANTS’ faithful and earning him 105 votes. 

Midfielders Tom Scully (94 votes) and Callan Ward (92 votes) round out the top five as they consistently rack up the votes, while a stellar performance in round 12 from Dylan Shiel has seen him jump to sixth spot. 

The hard-bodied Shiel polled 36 votes in his performance against the Blues, seeing his total shoot to 84 votes.

Ruckman Shane Mumford has moved to outright seventh position with 71 votes, having received top votes for his incredible performance in the Sydney Derby in round five.

Mumford ran riot against the Swans winning an astonishing 62 hit-outs and the Brett Kirk Medal for best on ground.

Defender Zac Williams has featured in the top three votes only twice, but is enjoying the spoils of what is arguably his best season yet for the GIANTS, sitting in eight spot with 68 votes. 

Phil Davis is the next best rated defender, in ninth spot with 61 votes, while key forward Jonny Patton rounds out the top ten with 46 votes despite missing two weeks of football.

Toyo Tires MVG

  1. Josh Kelly – 168 votes
  2. Toby Greene – 137 votes
  3. Jeremy Cameron – 105 votes
  4. Tom Scully – 94 votes
  5. Callan Ward – 92 votes
  6. Dylan Shiel – 84 votes
  7. Shane Mumford – 71 votes
  8. Zac Williams – 68 votes
  9. Phil Davis – 61 votes
  10. Jonny Patton – 46 votes 

How the Toyo Tires Most Valuable GIANT works

Members and fans assign three votes to the player they deem to be the best GIANTS player for that game, two votes to the second-best player and one vote to the third best.

At the end of the voting period (each Tuesday at 5pm following the game) all the votes are added up.

There are a maximum of 100 points per game that can be awarded to the entire team. Each player is then given a percentage of the total votes received to go towards their season tally (eg. if 1,200 votes were placed in Round 1 and Phil Davis receives 600 then that is the equivalent of 50% of all votes for that round and he would receive 50 points towards his season tally. If the second best player received 200 votes from 1,200 then that is the equivalent of 16.7% and he will get 17 votes towards the season tally).

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