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Jezza, You Beauty

Ahead of his 50th game this weekend, we’ve put together a list of things you should know about Jeremy Cameron.

10:24am  Jul 11, 2014

Preview: GIANTS v Dockers

Fremantle at Patersons Stadium is one of the toughest assignments in the AFL and the GIANTS will need to produce its greatest ever performance to overcome the Dockers.

9:02am  Jul 11, 2014

Battle Of The GIANTS

The GIANTS have included seven players in their 25-man squad to play Fremantle at Patersons Stadium on Sunday.

6:05pm  Jul 10, 2014

Player Profiles

Devon Smith

Devon Smith

Recruited from:
Lara (Vic)/Geelong U18

G1 & G3

G1 and G3 S03E09

This week G1 and G3 are looking at the world of childhood heroes featuring Adam Kennedy, Nathan Wilson and Sam Frost.

June 18, 2014  8:35 PM

G1 & G3 - Episodes

G1 and G3 S03E09

8:35pm Jun 18, 2014

G1 and G3 S03E08

4:00pm May 23, 2014

G1 and G3 S03E07

4:30pm Apr 29, 2014

G1 and G3 S03E06

4:30pm Apr 28, 2014

G1 and G3 S03E05

11:23am Apr 24, 2014

G1 and G3 S03E04

11:51am Apr 9, 2014

G1 and G3 S03Ep03

2:59pm Feb 20, 2014

G1 and G3 S03Ep02

4:38pm Jan 9, 2014

G1 and G3 2013 Christmas Special

12:00pm Dec 20, 2013

G1 and G3 S02E21

1:41pm Aug 27, 2013

G1 and G3 S02E20

5:00pm Aug 20, 2013

G1 and G3 S02E19

5:10pm Aug 14, 2013

G1 and G3 S02E18

4:12pm Aug 7, 2013

G1 and G3 S02E17

4:47pm Jul 30, 2013

G1 and G3 S02E16

1:35pm Jul 23, 2013

G1 and G3 S02E15

5:03pm Jul 15, 2013

G1 and G3 S02E14

2:03pm Jul 5, 2013

G1 and G3 S02E13

11:43pm Jun 26, 2013

G1 and G3 S02E12

3:56pm Jun 13, 2013

G1 and G3 S02E11

1:25pm Jun 7, 2013