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Match Preview: GIANTS v Tigers

It's Richmond’s first visit to the nation's capital and if the GIANTS maintain the intensity they showed in the second half against the Power, the Tigers will have a tough flight home.

4:52pm  Jul 27, 2016

The GIANTS Bus is Coming!

Get your ticket on the GIANTS Bus to Canberra as it travels from Sydney to Manuka Oval for the GIANTS’ big round 19 clash against Richmond.

2:15pm  Jul 27, 2016

Journey to 2017

West Australian pair Renee Forth and Emma Swanson has been announced as the GIANTS’ inaugural marquee players in the first National Women’s League to commence in 2017.

1:13pm  Jul 27, 2016

Player Profiles

Devon Smith

Devon Smith

Recruited from:
Lara (Vic)/Geelong U18

G1 and G3: S05 Ep02

The boys are back and they're talking Game of Thrones, Music and a bizarre reference to Alf Stewart.

April 27, 2016  4:52 PM

G1 & G3 - Episodes

G1 and G3: S05 Ep02

4:52pm Apr 27, 2016

G1 and G3: Fan Day Part 2

5:49pm Feb 24, 2016

G1 and G3: Fan Day Part 1

4:02pm Feb 23, 2016

G1 and G3 with Elyse Knowles

4:52pm Sep 8, 2015

G1 and G3: Coniglio Special

2:46pm Jul 23, 2015

G1 and G3: Who Would Play You

3:13pm Jun 24, 2015

G1 and G3: The Coniglio Feast

4:53pm May 4, 2015

G1 and G3: Mitch Starc

4:17pm Apr 8, 2015

G1 and G3 S04Ep02

7:47pm Feb 17, 2015

G1 and G3: Draft Memories

12:28am Nov 27, 2014

G1 and G3 S03Ep11

8:00pm Aug 20, 2014

G1 and G3 S03Ep10

4:44pm Aug 6, 2014

G1 and G3 S03E09

8:35pm Jun 18, 2014

G1 and G3 S03E08

4:00pm May 23, 2014

G1 and G3 S03E07

4:30pm Apr 29, 2014

G1 and G3 S03E06

4:30pm Apr 28, 2014

G1 and G3 S03E05

11:23am Apr 24, 2014

G1 and G3 S03E04

11:51am Apr 9, 2014

G1 and G3 S03Ep03

2:59pm Feb 20, 2014

G1 and G3 S03Ep02

4:38pm Jan 9, 2014