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Learning to Lead

In her first piece for, renowned journalist and GIANTS Recruiting Officer Emma Quayle sits down with Phil Davis and Callan Ward.

12:02pm  Mar 22, 2017

Match Preview: Crows v GIANTS

Can the GIANTS beat the Crows in Adelaide for the very first time? Everything you need to know about the round one clash in this week's match preview.

11:53am  Mar 22, 2017

Duo Upgraded to Senior List

GIANTS forwards Daniel Lloyd and Sam Reid have been upgraded to the senior list ahead of round one this weekend.

11:09am  Mar 22, 2017

Player Profiles

Devon Smith

Devon Smith

Recruited from:
Lara (Vic)/Geelong U18

The GWS GIANT Hearts are a group of diverse women who share the vision of and passion for the club and actively promote women’s involvement within the GWS GIANTS. The GIANT Hearts are actively involved in assisting the club financially via direct contribution and assist with driving business-to-business support.

The GIANTS Hearts are engaged, aligned and committed to the club. As well as functions during the year, the GIANT Hearts will provide support and mentoring to staff and partners of players. The GIANT Hearts are committed to assisting with the growth of the GWS GIANTS, by encouraging passionate women to be part of the club, create history and ensure its ongoing success.
To find out more or to join the GIANT Hearts please contact the club on 02 8736 4000.
Thank you to our GIANT Hearts

Louise Curtis
Vickie Read
Melissa Cabban
Suzanne Schultz
Lyndell Kazar
Priscilla Barrington
Dania Khalil
Ingrid Workman
Sarah Rajic
Natalie Hyde
Genevieve Bond
Louise Bilston
Louise McLean
Anne Marie Perret
Laurie McDonald
Renee Beerworth
Danielle Rodda
Sarah Bailey
Jacquelyn Lavercombe
Trea Murphy
Jenny McReynolds
Stephanie Lynch
Salena Kulkarni
Alice Ryan
Michelle Dart
Simone Fox
Jane Marburg
Belinda Sarafov
Kristi Jorgensen
Trina Dooley
Susan Proctor
Fiona Keary
Louise Morris
Charlene Armstrong
Ingrid Tomanovits
Anne Bennie
Vicki Williams
Mel Andrews
Maree Harman
Courtney Kazar
Samantha Kazar
Amanda Turnbull
Joanne Uebergang
Amanda Ward
Roslyn Malloy
Julie-Anne Burincle
Leesa Beauchamp
Naomi Finnigan